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a Religion

1. All citizens shall have the right to religion. 
2. No law shall prohibit religious freedoms unless

  • said practice endangers citizens
  • said practice infringes on the rights of another citizen

b Freedom of Speech

1. All citizens have the right to freedom of speech

  • Defined as the right of people to express their opinions publicly without interference
  • Unless said opinion violates other acts of law

c Free Press

1. The press are rightfully allowed to report on the news
2. In order for this right to be exercised legitimately, the press must:

  • Follow the direction of law enforcement
  • Understand that during an incident, it is at the discretion of the editor to effectively sensor broadcasts.
  • Law enforcement reserve the right to issue a Disclosure Notice. This must be followed.
  • A Disclosure Notice is defined as a government (CLPD) notice issued to news editors requiring them not to publicize certain information for reasons OF security and integrity of operations.

d Protest

1. Citizens have the right to peacefully assemble and protest. 

  • No special permission or permits are required

2. Law enforcement reserve the right to disperse protests if:

  • They become unlawful
  • They become violent
  • They become unruly 

e Bear Arms

Assuming other laws are correctly followed, citizens have the right to bear arms.

f Security

Citizens have the right to be secure, in way of freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures

  • Reasonable searches are defined as searches which have probable cause - as outlined in The Justification Act.
  • A reasonable seizure is the seizure of illegal items
  • The illegality of items is classified in The Explosives, Firearms and Munitions Act - subsection c and The Narcotics and Narcotics Criminality Act

2. Evidence of probable cause is required and should be presented if requested

g Legitimate Police Action

  1. Upon detention, citizens have the right to be informed of the reason for your detention.
  2. Citizens have the right to be informed of their Miranda Rights (h ), prior to the disclosure of charges and before entering a plea.
    If the CLPD fail to do so, the arrest will be considered illegitimate and all charges will be dropped.
    Any warrants open at the time of your arrest must be voided.
  3. Citizens may be detained for up to a 1 hour period while evidence is reviewed and they must be either charged or released.
    If a citizen is released, all police action and warrants must be dropped and voided respectively.
  4. If a suspect has served their jail time in detention prior to incarceration, once processing is complete, they should be released as if they have completed their jail sentence.
  5. If jail time is partially served in detention prior to incarceration, it is at the discretion of the officer if time in detention is deducted from the person's final time.
  6. If a suspect requests evidence to prove guilt or accusation it should be provided. Failure to do so should nullify any guilt or accusation.


h Miranda Rights

1. Miranda Rights should be read as follows:

  • "You are now under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do can and will be used against you. You have the right to request legal action through the court if you question this arrest. If you do not exercise this right within 24 hours, you cannot question this arrest in the future. Do you understand these rights as they have been read to you?"


I Covering of the face

1. Citizens have the right to cover their faces with any kind of mask or hat.

1.1 If a Citizens commits a crime or traffic violation, an officer of the CLPD can request to have the face cover removed
1.2 Citizens are allowed to hide their Faces by mask or hat inside City Limits. If requested by a member of the CLPD to remove the mask they must remove it they fail to follow this request they could be charged with failure to comply.
1.3 If a citizen continues to refuse to remove there mask they will be charged with failure to comply.