Offroad White Clmod Offroad White

The 4x4 pickup by Generic Motors is a perfect choice for farmers and hunters.
The durable chassis and powerful engine has been designed to withstand anything.


You will need the Driver License and an Vehicle Skill of atleast 1 to access and buy this vehicle from Jeffrey Winters!

Please keep in mind that the price for this vehicle always change as it depends on the taxes controlled by the Senator.


The offroad is available in the following colours:


Offroad Blue Clmod Offroad Blue
Offroad Dark Blue Clmod Offroad Darkblue
Offroad Dark Red Clmod Offroad Darkred
Offroad IG Camo Clmod Offroad Ig
Offroad Red Clmod Offroad Red
Offroad Sand Clmod Offroad Sand
Offroad White Clmod Offroad White


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