Narcotics and Narcotic Criminality

CL Judiciary  

Narcotic Classification

1. The following are considered Illegal Narcotics:

  • Marijuana
  • Poppy Seeds
  • Heroin
  • Cocaine
  • Magic Mushrooms
  • Opium
  • Spliffs (Excludes Headgear Spliff)

b Narcotic related Offenses'

1. It is illegal to:

  • Plant
  • Harvest
  • Distribute/Supply
  • Carry
  • Consume

the aforementioned Narcotics

c Narcotic related charges'

'Possession of Marijuana is LEGAL as long as the person is carrying THREE UNITS (bags or spliffs) or LESS.'

1. Each action or combination of actions may represent a separate or combined charge if found:  

  • Planting and/or Harvesting Narcotics - Drug Cultivation and Manufacturing - 15 Minutes
  • Distributing/Supplying - Drug Trafficking - 25 or more narcotics in their possession - 15 Minutes
  • Carrying - Drug Possession - Less than 25 narcotics in their possession - 10 Minutes
  • Consuming - Drug Possession- 10 Minutes

2. You can also be charged, in addition to other charges, for each plant in your possession or destroyed by officers on a plantation you have interacted with.

Possession is defined as articles being on your person on in a vehicle owned by the individual

  • Illegal Item - Weed and/or Hemp Seeds - 2.5 Minutes
  • Illegal Item - Coca Seeds - 2 Minutes
  • Illegal Item - Fresh Opium and/or Heroin - 2.5 Minutes
  • Illegal Item - Magic Mushroom Seeds - 1 Minute
  • Illegal Item  - Plant/Seed (Not previous defined) - 2.5 Minutes

3. The CLPD will record any narcotics collected, assuming previous cases of narcotic criminality or a larger quantity of narcotics are found the suspect may receive a search warrant

Notice: All Narcotic-related components to sentences are capped at 5 Hours

'd Profits of Narcotics '

1. Any profits from the sales of drugs or Vehicles used in the process of drug trafficking can be destroyed

'e Public Intoxication'
1. A person commits the offence of public intoxication if found to be intoxicated in a public space.

  1. A person is exempt from this charge if found in a private place, such as their home or Club Seven.

2. This charge may be stacked with other charges such as DUI/DWI 3.c and Disorderly Conduct 6.f. A sample may be required.

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