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Explosives, Firearms and Munitions

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(a) Licensing

  1.  There are three classifications of firearms which require a formal license. Each has a corresponding license type. 
    Pistol - Any gun which can be carried and operated using one hand; includes crossbows and tasers - Pistol License
    Rifle - Any other gun, usually fired from the shoulder; includes shotguns - Rifle License
    Hunting Rifles - May only be operated in authorized Hunting Zones - Rifle License
  2. Licensing Terms
    If you are carrying a firearm on your person, you MUST have the correct license.
    The correct license is defined in terms of the classification of the firearm
    If stopped by the police you are required to inform them that you are armed.
    You must then follow police instruction and surrender the firearm, ammunition and your license for them to inspect.
  3. Citizens found to have breached a  Licensing can be charged with:
    Unlicensed Pistol - 15 Minutes
    Unlicensed Rifle - 15 Minutes
    Have the offending firearms confiscated
  4. Be issued a licence ban
  5. Licencing ban directive
    Citizens charged with Murder or Attempted Murder can be issued a 2-hour licence ban:1.1. Repeat offenders can be issued with an extended 4-hour ban
    Citizens charged with Weapons Trafficking can be issued with a variable licence ban:2.1 Variable license bans range from 1 hour to 3 hours
    Citizens charged with Bank Robbery and/or Armed Robbery will be issued with a 1-hour licence ban
    Citizens charged with Unholstered Weapon (Pistol or Rifle) will be issued with a 30-minute licence ban
    Citizens subject to a gun ban may be searched for weapons by law enforcement
    Citizens found in breach of a licensing ban will be charged with::6.1 Failure to Comply
    Issued with a $10,000 fine 

(b) Use of Weapons in City Limits

  1. Civilians must not openly carry any form of a weapon within defined City Limits;
    Openly’ is defined as un-holstered or openly visible
  2. City Limits are defined here;
    'City Limits' is defined as any place where there is a maximum speed limit of 50km/h enforced.
  3. Citizens found to have breached b  Use of Weapons in City Limits can be charged with:
    Unholstered Weapon - 7.5 Minutes
    and have:
    The offending firearm confiscated

(c) Illegal Items/Weapons

  1. Any items found which are not available in civilian shops are illegal.
  2. Items found/derived from the black market and drug dealer are illegal.
  3. Citizens found to have breached c Illegal Items/Weapons can be charged with:
    Illegal Item - 2.5 minutes - Per Illegal Item - Capped: 5 Hours
    Illegal Pistol - 10 minutes - Per Illegal Pistol 
    Illegal Rifle - 15 minutes - Per Illegal Rifle 
    and have:
    The illegal item(s) seized
  4. Persons who continually choose to carry quantities of illegal items may be subject to a search warrant

(d) Sale or trade of Firearms

  1. The seller holds the responsibility of ensuring that the buyer has the correct license as per a1 
  2. The seller must be licensed to carry the firearms they are selling/trading
  3. Citizens found to have breached d  can be charged with:
    Illegal Dealings - 10 Minutes and have:
    The firearm(s) and munition(s) seized

(e) Tasers

  1. Civilians may carry and operate a Civilian taser; not a Police Issue Taser, assuming correct licensing is obtained as per a 
    Civilian tasers shall be coloured green and have a two (2) shot ammo capacity.
    Civilian tasers will have half of the range capacity of police issued tasers.
  2. If a taser is used against a police officer when they are lawfully conducting their duty, it will be considered the same charge as carrying an unlicensed weapon.

(f) Trafficking

  1. Arms trafficking, is the illegal trafficking or smuggling of contraband weapons or ammunition.
  2. Any person that has over 4 weapons in their possession and does not have a small shop in order to sell them, is considered to be committing arms trafficking.
  3. Small shops are considered on a person if they are physically on their person or if they are stored in the trunk of a vehicle in which they are either a passenger/driver or owner.
  4. Anyone caught Arms Trafficking may be subject to a search warrant
  5. Citizens found to have breached f can be charged with:
    Arms Trafficking - 20 Minutes and have:
    The firearms and munitions seized 

(f) Explosives

  1. Anyone who has explosives on their possession, without the proper authorization from a CLPD Supervisor, will face jail time or a fine
    Where a remote detonator is found, there must credible evidence of an explosion
  2. Citizens found to have breached g Explosives can be charged with:
  3. Explosives - 22 Minutes and have:
    The explosive(s) seized 
    Anyone caught with Explosives or Explosive paraphernalia may be subject to a search warrant

(h) CLPD Restricted Zones and Munitions

  1. Before entering a CLPD Restricted Zone, you must surrender all munitions.
  2. The CLPD has the right to search you or your vehicle before entry into a Restricted Zone, independently of reasonable grounds to search, be it under arrest or otherwise.
  3. Citizens found to have breached CLPD Restricted Zones and Munitions can be charged with:
    Failure to Comply and be:
    Arrested or;
    Denied entry to the Restricted Area

(i) Tools and Malicious Intent

  1. Tools must be holstered if not in the place of purchase or a place designed for their use

(j) Terrorism


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