Activity Requirements ≤REAL_AMP≥New SFR Criteria

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Minimum On Duty Requirements
To help combat poor activity levels, the following requirements must be met by all Officers regardless of rank. Failure to meet these requirements will result in you being removed from the CLPD. 

  • Recruit – 4hr +
  • Officer – 4hr +
  • Senior Officer – 4hr +
  • Supervisor – 4hr +
  • Commander – 4hr +

All times shown above are in a weekly period (Mon – Sun). As a Senior Officer or above you should be committing more time on duty. We understand people have jobs and real life stuff to do, that’s fine. However, we can not have Officers on the roster that do the bare minimum in regards to activity. If you fail to meet these time requirements then you will be removed from CLPD. They are at least 1hr per night, if you cannot reach that then you need to step down or resign.

SFR & Disciplinary Criteria 

As it stands, an Officer will be marked as SFR after 4 days of inactivity and will be given 24hr notice to fill out an LOA or complete a shift. 

  • 4 days without a shift will result in you being marked as SFR
  • All SFR notices will ONLY be issued with a 24hr warning to complete a shift or fill out an LOA
  • 3 LOA’s in a 30 day period will be reviewed and discussed and you may be forced to step down or resign from the CLPD, failing that, you will be removed
  • A regular pattern of activity levels such as:- Joining the server and just standing around not patrolling (just to meet the time requirement), regular LOA’s, poor performance and attitude, will result in removal from the CLPD
  • 2 disciplinaries within a 14 day period will be reviewed and discussed and you may be demoted or removed from the CLPD