Truck Shop


Once you have the Truck License from the DMV and a Driving Skill of at least 35 (!) you can access this shop.

The prices listed below always change as they depend on the taxes controlled by the Senator.


Van Transport Red Cl3 Van 01 Transport F Red Transport Van$17.100
Box Van Red Cl3 Van 01 Box F Red Box Van$17.100
Yellow Zamak Transport Open Cl3 Zamak Transport Open 02 Zamak Transport Open$34.650
Yellow Zamak Transport Covered Cl3 Zamak Transport Covered 02 Zamak Transport Closed$34.650
Black Mack R Cl3 Mackr Black Mack R$91.200
Black Mack R Flat Bed Cl3 Mackr Flat Black Mack R Flat Bed$114.000
Black Mack R Delivery Cl3 Mackr Del Black Mack R Delivery$342.000
Cl3 Storage Container Small Cl3 Storagecargo Small F Small Storage Container$91.400
CL3 Storage Unit Medium (BIO) Cl3 Storagecargo Medium F Bio Medium Storage Container$399.000
Cl3 Storage Cargo Large (grey) Cl3 Storagecargo Large F Grey Large Storage Container$855.000
Cl3 Storage Cargo Liquidtank (black) Cl3 Storagecargo Liquidtank F Skin Black Liquid Tank Storage Container$627.000
Cl3 Storage Cargo Lumber (camo Urban) Cl3 Storagecargo Lumber F Skin Camo Urban Lumber Storage Container$627.000


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