The Stocking System can be used whether you are a Civilian, a Police Officer or part of the EMT Service to earn some money and stock up shops around the island.

There are two ways to gather stock:

1. The first way is pretty simple and can be done by using the "Buy Stock" option from any Car Storage Pole all over the island.

Once you selected one of the three options, a helicopter will deliver you your stock within a minute or two, be patient. Also, make sure you actually have money on you.

2. There are two locations on the map called "Stock Loading", if you go to one of these with a vehicle of your choice and some money to buy the stock upfront you will have the option to buy and load it into your vehicle trunk right away. Make sure to bring enough money, depending on your vehicles trunk size.

Again, depending on your vehicles trunk size this process may take a while, make sure to bring enough time.

Below you can find the locations for the "Stock Loading" areas.


Location Coordinates
Malden Int. Airport KKsIQAv 081 100
Pegasus Airstrip VNJGPAa 007 121


Location Coordinates
Blue Pearl Port TVHNPaE 134 120
Tuvanaka Airbase FUIjkIM 015 075


Restocking Shops

Once you bought yourself some stock you need to figure out what shops are in need of stock.

You can check the current amount of stock a shop has by opening the player menu (Shift + 1) and then clicking on "Stocks" on the left side as shown in the following picture:

800px StockMenu

The maximum amount of stock a shop can have is 10,000!

So you will need to figure out what shop is in need of stock and then deliver the stock you bought to the shop of your choosing.

One unit of stock weighs 7 KG and cannot be dropped on the ground, so when restocking a shop make sure not to take to much at once. Be smart about it.

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