Shop Locations

Shops and points of interest

Attachments ShopLocation: (071060) Houdan And (031063) La Pessagne - Sells Weapon Attachments.
Bike ShopLocation: 081098(North of airfield), and 031063 La Pessagne. - Sells pushbikes.
Black MarketHere you can buy all kinds of illegal stuff. You can get the Location by talking with the barmaid at Club7Foggy city.
Boat ShopLocation (084037 South East Harbor) - Sells a variety of boats..
BingoLocation: (081101) Main Airport.
Change OutfitLocation: La Pessagne(031063) - Sells Clothes and Suits.
50 Shades of RayLocatiion: (055042) Sainte marie and La Pessagne(031063) - Sells Glasses and Beards.
The Hat RackLocation: (070089) Saint Louis and (031063) La Pessagne - Sells Hats and Bandoliers.
Bag to the FutureLocation: (071060)Houdan and (031063)La Pessagne. - Sells Backpacks and Drones.
Dive GearLocation: (030084)North West Harbor and (031063)La Pessagne. - Sells diving equipment.
EZ TredzLocation: (081104)Main Airport - Sells Motorcycles, ATV's, Quads and Go-Karts.
FactoryCome here to mix gathered items to make things. Located in the far north(062106) and east of Le Port(078031 & 076033).
Fish GearThe only place to buy Fishing Gear, located in La Riviére(035032).
Fish ShopThe only place to buy and sell fish meats, located in Saint Louis(070089) and at the Market, La Pessagne(031063).
Fly HighPlane and Chopper shop, located at Air Ports.
Fresh DonutsSells doughnuts and coca-fola. Located between the CLPD HQ and Saint Louis(069088).
Hot Rod SprayingChange the colour of your car, located in La Trinité(073081).
Fruit ShopBuy and Sell everything Banana related. Located at the Market, La Pessagne(031063).
Fuel stationFuel, food, emergency car kit and water. These are located across the map. 
Jeffrey WintersBuy standard rusty cars. Located south of Houdan(076046).
Pizza ShopBuy your Pizza and Coca Fola here. Located in Saint Louis(071089), Houdan(071060) and at the Market, La Pessagne(031063).
Liquor ShopBuy your booze here. Located at the Market, La Pessagne(031063)
Lumber MillLocated near(076037).
The last ride saloonA place for people to hang out. Located east of La Pessagne(040043).
Meat ShopThe only place to buy and sell meat, located at the Market, La Pessagne(031063).
McWintersFast Food Restaurant, located at the South East Harbor(084039).
Olive ShopBuy and Sell everything Olive related. Located in Houdan(071060) and at the Market, La Pessagne(031063).
Pet ShopCops can buy K9 units here. Located at Police Headquarters.
PharmacyOne stop shop for all medical supplies available to everyone.
Pistol ShopBI pistols and a select few RH pistols. Located in Corton(038049) and the far north(062108).
RacingHere you can buy fuel cans, repair kits and all kinds of tune-up stuff to get ready to race. Located north-west of the Main Airport(074105).
Rifle ShopYes they are. Located in Saint Louis(071089) and at the Market, La Pessagne(031063).
Sexeh CarsMixture of BI and custom nice cars. Located in La Trinité(072081).
Skate ShopSkateboards. Located at the Market, La Pessagne(031063).
TorqueSelected handful of luxury made cars which are very nice indeed. Located north-west of the Main Airport(074105).
Truck ShopSells all kinds of trucks. Located south of La Pessagne(029058).
U-Build-itThis is where you can build your own shop and stock it with items. Located in Le Port(082030).
U-Get-ItSells vehicle jacks, fireworks and more. Located at the South East Harbor(083038).
Workmans ShopHere you can buy the [tools of the trade. Located between Saint Louis and the Main Airport(073091).
Justice Department and Senators OfficeLocated south between the main jail and EMT HQ.(067038)

Earning Money

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