Repossession and Towing

Repo Man

You can obtain this job at Repo Inc.

This job requires a lot of patience. Sometimes you're the good guy and the rest of the time, you're the bad guy.

The police will normally ask for a repo man to clear a scene of damaged cars or to impound them. You don't have to assist the police, just clear the scene, to earn some cash. You can charge your own rates for towing cars.

If someone has flipped their car, you can flip the vehicle back onto its wheels. While sitting in your Repo Truck you also have the option to "Flip Vehicle", which otherwise only can be done using a 1-time use Vehicle Jack that is purchased from any Fuel Station for $2000. Not all players remember to carry these and this can be a good way to make some money.

It is advised that you act as a repairman. To do this, you will need parts from Racing Shop and a repair kit.

Also, it is suggested that you make your rates reasonable so people will want to hire you. 

You must follow proper guidelines when attending an accident and such. Refer to Impound and Towing Guide.

In order the deposit the vehicle into the lot, a police officer needs to open the gate for you. The officer will then pay you a fee and will deal with the car's owner for the release.



Requirements: $8,000 to buy the repo truck, A drivers license, Vehicle skill level: 5.

Note: As soon as you repo a vehicle, you need to post a topic on the forum in the Vehicle Impound Section

Use the following template:

Topic Name: Vehicle owner's name

Vehicles impounded:
Number plate:
Vehicle back:

(You can find the key number, numberplate and class name by going to the vehicle menu, and go to vehicle stats.)

Along with being able to tow vehicles for the Police and other players, you will also be able to tow destroyed vehicles back to the car crusher at "Repo Inc." to get Crushed Metal Blocks. In order to do this, drive the scrap back to Repo Inc... open the crusher door using the switch on the right of the door, back the scarp inside and drop it, then close the door and start the crusher. Once the door opens you will see the block inside.


Repo Inc. is located at the Impound Lot.

Paycheck: $250 every 30 minutes

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