Unlike Citylife2 Which had locations marked on the map, in order to grow Olives, banana's or drugs. Citylife3 has a global system. Where you can plant on any patch of grass, anywhere on the map. Some area's like too close to the factory for example, are not able to be grown at.

In order to grow anything, you will need seeds. Seeds can be bought at these locations:

Drug Dealer

Olive Shop

Fruit Shop

In order to process the grown plants/fruits, you will be needing a vehicle capable of hauling the cargo. Such as a Van or Truck or Helicopter. These can be bought at:
Truck Shop
Jeffrey Winters
Fly High

You process your plants/fruits at the:

In order to sell your grown and processed plants/fruits you wll need to head to the corresponding shop:
Banana's - Fruit Shop
Drugs of any kind - Drug Dealer
Olives - Olive Shop

Remember, drugs are illegal. If the CLPD catches you with them, you can easily spend some quality time in jail!








      • Old Plantation marker, no longer effective in citylife 3 ! ***




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