PD SOP Undercover Operation Guidelines

Undercover Operation Guidelines

Unmarked Patrol or Operation:
To drive an unmarked police vehicle with light bars and sirens you need to:

  1. Have the rank Officer or above
  2. Get permission from an Snr. Officer (and above) or  have CN Training Part 1 and part of an ongoing operation

While driving an unmarked police vehicle you can do the same duties as in a marked police vehicle. Before going on patrol or an operation inform the dispatcher that you are in an unmarked and what kind it is. When doing any sort of police action, show with your lightbar and Uniform that you are a CLPD Officer. Failing to do so may result in a court case or disciplinary action.

For example:

When arriving at a crime scene, put on your Lightbar, jump out the Vehicle wearing your Uniform and announce that you are a CLPD Officer. Otherwise, the civilian population may not know that you are a CLPD Officer and your commands may be ignored.

Plain Cloth Operations:
Being in Plain Clothes means not wearing any CLPD police gear. Only civilian clothes may be worn and a civilian car may be driven. To do a plainclothes operation you need to:

  1. Have the rank Officer or above
  2. Have at least two other Officers on patrol available to back you up
  3. Get permission from a Supervisor or have CN Training Part 2 or  ETU Training Part 3 and have the rank Snr. Officer

When deployed as a plainclothes officer you can not do any sort of police activities. You cannot arrest someone nor can you pull somebody over. Your job is simply to observe an area or a situation. When your life or the life of others ,null: are in danger you may intercept the same way a civilian would be allowed to //cliki.cityliferpg.com/index.php?title=Justification|SEE HERE]. 

While in Plain Clothes, no PD gear can be worn or held. You can still carry a CIV Legal weapon but no Handcuffs/Uniforms or similar. Failing to follow the plain cloth rules will be punished severely.

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