PD SOP Emergency Medical Technicians and Criminality

Emergency Medical Technicians and Criminality

Committed a Crime 

If an EMT commits a crime, it is to be reported directly to the Commanders. From there, it will be passed to EMT Command, so that they can handle the situation. 

Victim of a Serious Crime 

If an EMT is a victim of a serious crime (Murder/Hostage-taking) for it to be considered non-bannable the EMT must fully agree to all aspects of the situation. Once this has been assured, the situation should be considered acceptable. They should be treated as civilians. 

Arresting EMTs 

You can Arrest a EMT for breaking the law  This MUST still be reported to the EMT command Staff so they are aware that they will have a EMT out of service for the duration of there  jail time . 


For any misdemeanour (Small Offence),fine the EMT with the ammount on the CLPD computerfor that crime BUT still report it to EMT Command. E.g - If a EMT is caught speeding (and is NOT on a emergency call) and the CLPD computer states its a $300 fine you will fine them $300

For any serious crimes always report it to EMT Commanders first and they will advise you on the fine you can issue and let them deal with the rest of the punishment however they see fit.