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AI/NPC mission system, which allows all the sides to cooperate in order to get rewards. The AI/NPC mission system is basically random spawn locations, always off the main island, where anywhere between 12 and 40 heavily armed NPC spawn and wait for any player with a weapon in their inventory to enter the mission radius. The NPC difficulty is always the same within the same mission, but different between missions, depending on the colour.

The missions difficulties have four levels and are identified by colours:

  • Green - easy
  • Yellow - moderate
  • Red - high
  • Black - very high

Whenever a new mission spawns a message will de advertise in the chat and anyone will be able to see the spawn area on the map. The spawn area is marked with a circle coloured in one of the four colours mentioned above and a text shortly describing the mission (e.g. Blackhawk down, Construction Site, etc).

Some missions also spawn a red truck which has a .50 calibre gun mounted on it.

Once an armed player has been detected by the NPC or when they have been engaged they will attack back using their own tactics, including the .50 calibre gun. They will attack any hostile player or vehicle they can see. Keep in mind that the NPC will not stay within the mission radius. They will move towards the players and they will swim as well.

In order to complete the mission, one needs to eliminate all the NPCs and then go inside the mission radius. Once in the mission radius, a confirmation message will be displayed in the chat. At that point 0, 1 or 2 loot boxes will spawn somewhere inside that mission radius. Usually, the location will be marked visually by coloured smoke. In order to access the boxes, the player needs to wait for the smoke to clear up.

The loot boxes usually have contents related to the mission (e.g. If it is a Construction Site there will be some construction materials and a Mack R Delivery truck), random valuable stuff (e.g. credit cards, diamonds, gold, etc) and some gear, including weapons. However, the chances of finding high-value items, especially credit cards, are quite low. Keep in mind that the loot boxes will have two gear menus (i.e. Gear and Take Items).

Any vehicles gathered from the mission cannot be owned, repaired, loaded, locked or sold by anyone.

If nobody interacts with the mission for 30 minutes or more the mission will despawn and a new one will pop up after a while.


  • Even though missions are conflict areas, players are not allowed to kill each other without a valid RP reason. Doing so, players may be subject to a member report for RDM.
  • When doing DMV licenses that may route the player through a mission area, it is advised that players wait for the mission to be cleared before proceeding with the tests.


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