The Market is the only place on the map where you can sell your resources. You can only sell at the market, not buy!


Some resources will need to be processed at the Factory before they can be sold at The Market.


Caution: Market prices fluctuate at random.
Prices are variable as they also depend on the tax rate set by the Senator.

The Market stocks the following items for sale

Wood Chips$ 103 kg
Coal$ 503.3 kg
Steel$ 155.2 kg
Glass$ 252.5 kg
Rubber$ 151.5 kg
Petroleum$ 3010 kg
Iron$ 208 kg
Paper$ 12 kg
Blue Ink$ 71 kg
Wheat$ 105 kg
Oil$ 509 kg
Silicon$ 101.8 kg
Plastic$ 11.3 kg
Sand$ 13 kg
Cement$ 23 kg
Watch$ 101 kg
Park Benchn/a))n/a
FM Radion/an/a
Mobile Phonen/an/a
Smart Mobile Phonen/an/a
Handy Camcordern/an/a
Laptop Computern/an/a
Bees Wax$ 151 kg
Honey$ 321 kg

Note: If you are looking to sell drugs you must go to the Drug Dealer
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