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On City Life, there are three big different legal systems that you should know about. Firstly there is the criminal law, where the CLPD will arrest you if you commit crimes. Then there is the court system, with splits up into two sections. Either a Civilian against the CLPD or the EMT services or two Civilians against each other. The differences will be in the table below.

Criminal Law

The criminal law is the most simple there is but can be split up into two categories as well. Firstly there are minor traffic offences. If a CLPD Officer sees you committing such traffic offences he can charge you without showing you proper evidence. So say you were speeding and get pulled over you can not demand a picture of the speedcam, or at least the Officer won't have to show one for you. If there are still doubts about the claim there is the court system that will be explained below.

Secondly, there is the normal criminal system. If you commit any crime and the CLPD sees you or hast evidence that you committed the crime from another source, they can arrest you and charge you for it. After they arrest you and put you in handcuffs they have one hour you read you your Miranda Rights and your Charges. If they fail to do that you have to be let go. Your crimes won't vanish tho. If they read you your rights and give you your charges you will have to take a plea. If you plead guilty 10% of the Jail time will be deducted and you will be moved to jail immediately. If you plead not guilty and ask to see evidence then the police have to provide you with proper evidence to support their charges. 25% time will be added. If the CLPD fails to provide evidence when requested they have to let you go. You can also not plead at all, wish will result in an automatic guilty plea but without you admitting to guilt (important if you want to go to court afterwards without pleading not guilty). After your plea, you will get moved to jail to serve your jail time. Tip: When being released always take a photo in case the Officer forgets to do the release report. If you question any action taken by the CLPD during this procedure you can, as stated in the Miranda Rights, go to court.

The court legal system is there in case you feel like either the CLPD or the EMT has done you wrong in any shape or form and want either answers, compensation or justice. You will have to put in a court request (civil dispute case request). If it gets accepted a court date will be chosen and the involved persons have to attend. Anybody can choose to call for a Lawyer (Approved legal practices). During a court case, a judge will decide after hearing both sides on what the verdict will be. Witnesses can be brought in.

For more Information visit the legal subforum (Court administration) and the pages in the "See also" section below.

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