Jailbreaking 101

Jailbreaking is the act of escaping from jail. The jailbreak system within the game requires several items, players, and time. It is important to remember that you can only jailbreak players who are inside of the regular, low-security prison. Players inside of max penitentiary are unable to be jailbroken. It is not advised to jailbreak if your jail time is almost expired, as the act of jailbreaking will result in a warrant for your arrest and, should you be caught, will result in you serving your jail time over again along with any additional charges you may receive. The act of jailbreaking alone will result in an additional 30-minute charge added to your final sentence. Any player helping in a jailbreak attempt will also receive this 30-minute charge.

The following items are needed to break into the jail and release an inmate:

  • Angle Grinders for the gates & fence.
  • Code Cracker to hack the system.
  • Lockpicks to pick the doors.

It is also advised that you have multiple armed players helping, as the police are alerted once you begin the jailbreak process and will respond with lethal force. The CLPD has the right to kill you on sight if you are inside the jail and armed during a jailbreak attempt. It is also important to have a method of leaving the jail once the inmate has been set free from their cell, as it would be difficult to bring an escape vehicle inside of the jail after the police are already on scene. They will most likely close the area to any vehicle and air traffic. Keep in mind that the police may shoot upon fleeing vehicles, so do not use any car/helicopter that you are not willing to lose in the process.

Breaking out of jail can be a very costly and dangerous scheme, but for those who have something big to hide it is worth it. It is up to you and your friends to access the dangers and threats before making an attempt, and remember that you could always be caught!

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