Growing Drugs

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Growing drugs within City Life is a fairly simple, but extended, process. The first step to growing is to locate the Drug Dealer by visiting Nightclub and asking for the Drug Dealer location from the bartender. Once you have the location and have approached the Drug Dealers van, you must buy one of four drug seeds.

Types of Drug Seeds:
Hemp Seeds
Poppy Seeds
Cocaine Seeds
Magic Mushroom Seeds

After purchasing your seeds, you must look for a grassy spot anywhere to grow at. All seeds "including Olive Seeds" can be planted anywhere suitable. Once you picked a location, access your Inventory (default: Shift + 1), select the seed(s), enter the desired amount and click 'Use'. This will launch the planting system.

It will take approximately 40 minutes to 1 hour for each of the plants to grow. Some growers suggest waiting near the plantation whilst keeping an eye out for the police, while others suggest leaving the plantation for half an hour and then returning. It is up to each individual person to decide the best way to wait for time to pass. If the police find your drugs whilst growing, they will destroy them. If they find you nearby, you may be arrested!

After your plants have grown, you must harvest them. This is the most dangerous time for all growers, as the harvesting animation takes some time and you can easily be spotted by the police which will result in you being arrested. If you safely manage to harvest your drugs, you will receive a raw, unprocessed product.

Types of Raw Drugs
Coca Plant
Magic Mushrooms

You must take this raw product to a Factory, once there you will interact with the Factory and use the menu to select the raw product from your inventory. You can type a specific amount of product to put into the factory. To process the raw product, you will select the finished product from the top right box and add it into your Queue "Add to Queue". You will then begin processing the drugs. You can queue several processes at once, though they will be completed in order. Do keep in mind, however, your carry weight limitations. You may become over-encumbered from the processed drugs and die.

-Note: To process Coca Plant and FreshOpium into Cocaine and Opium, you must also have Petroleum in your factory.

Types of Drugs
Magic Mushroom Box

Once all of your raw product is processed, or as much as you can carry, you must then return to the drug dealer and sell your drugs. You can also sell drugs to other players, though be careful as they can report you to the police.

If you are caught at any time with seeds, raw product, or finished drugs by the police, you will be arrested. If your vehicle has a large number of drugs inside of it, it may be destroyed!

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