Fuel station


Fuel Stations can found all over the island, they sell you some of the basic things you may or may not need and as you probably already guessed, refuel your vehicle.

Every Fuel Station has two shops by default, the first and most used one sells all the items shown below under "Food & Drinks", "Miscellaneous" and "Vehicle Maintenance".

The second shop has the "Basic Items" to offer and can be accessed by clicking "Shop Menu items" in your scroll-wheel menu whilst looking at a Fuel Station.

Note: The prices of these items are always changing as they depend on the taxes set by the Senator.


Food & Drinks


DanBakedBeans Baked Beans
DanCrunchin Crunchin Crisp
DanIceCream Ice Cream cone
DanPowderdmilk Powdered Milk
DanRice Rice Box
DanBacon Tactical Bacon
DanSoftDrink Soft Drink
DanSoftDrink1 Sprit
DanSoftDrink2 Franta
DanSoftDrink3 Red Gull
DanWater Water





DanCLNiPad CLN iPad
DanCigeratteBox Cigarette box
DanFirstAidKit2 First Aid Kit
Matches Matches
DanTopUpCard Phone top up cards
DanRifleBag Rifle Bag
DanCigarette Smoke Cigarette
DanCigar Smoke cigar
DanPipe Smoke pipe



Vehicle Maintenance


DanDroneFuelCan Drone fuel Can
DanFuelCan Fuel Can Empty
DanRepairKit Repair Kit
DanVehicleJack Vehicle Jack
DanWheelRepair Wheel repair part



Basic Items


DanCompass Compass
DanMap Map
DanWatch Watch
DanCLMobilePhone Mobilephone

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