Fly High


You will need either the Pilot License or the Helicopter License and an Air Skill of atleast 10 to access Fly High!

Please keep in mind that the prices listed below always change as they depend on the taxes controlled by the Senator.





ImageNamePriceTrunk Size
Placeholder B-206B$513,000250KG
Placeholder BO-105 GSH$798,0002.500KG
Placeholder CH-67 Huron$1,083,0002.154KG
Placeholder EC635$855,000684KG
Cl3 Graywatcher Mh9 M-900$399,000684KG
Cl3 Wave Mh9 MH9$399,000684KG
Cl3 Blueline Mh9 MH9 Sport$399,000684KG
Placeholder Mi-290 Taru$1,083,000100KG
Placeholder Mi-8$672,0001.954KG
Placeholder Mi-17$672,0001.954KG
Placeholder Orca$570,000754KG
Placeholder UH-80 Ghost Hawk$912,000850KG




ImageNamePriceTrunk Size
DanCaesarBTT Caesar BTT$342,0001.500KG
Placeholder AV-8B Harrier II$1,105,80010KG
Placeholder F-35B Lightning II$11,400,00010KG
Placeholder Su-25 Frogfoot$969,00010KG
Placeholder Texan II$969,00010KG
Placeholder A-164 Wipeout$1,320,00010KG
Placeholder To-199 Neophron$1,320,00010KG
Placeholder A-143 Buzzard$1,320,00010KG
DanXian Y-32 Xi'an$1,197,0001.500KG
DanBlackfish V-44 X Blackfish$3,990,0009.000KG




ImageNamePriceTrunk Size
Placeholder CL2 Jetpack$171,00084KG
Placeholder CL3 Jetpack$285,000284KG


Taru Transportation Pods


ImageNamePriceTrunk Size
Placeholder Mi-290 Transport Cargo$285,0003000KG
Placeholder Mi-290 Transport Pod$285,0001000KG

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