Entering and Exiting City Life

Some people have struggled in the past when trying to connect to the City Life Server. For that reason, this will show you how to join

To enter the game:

Make sure you're a member of the forums and have read the  RulesOrientation Guide and How to install page.

In order to launch City Life RPG 3, install and open the CL3 Launcher, click the "Update CityLife" button and then when the screen changes click the "Download" button. Once the mod has been downloaded and installed the screen on the launcher will change back to the first screen. Then, ensure that you have read and understood the orientation document. You can then join Teamspeak to complete your orientation.

Once completed, you can click play to launch into the server.

Once you have connected, Select the role you wish to play (if you are connecting for the first time this will be Civilian). You start off as a civilian and must apply in order to join either the City Life Police Department or EMT Service

Click OK.

The game will load and you will receive a Register box where you must enter your correct date of birth and a custom game password which contains only letters and numbers and no special characters. (for more info Login System.)


Before joining the game make sure you are connected to the Teamspeak 3 server and in the "Joining Server" channel. (When you log in to the server and spawn on the map you will be moved to the TFAR Server channel automatically.)
Also be sure that the Channel named "<=Switch=>" is located under the channel "Open Connect". If it is under "Restarting Don't Connect" or "Down" then do not attempt to launch the game or update with the CL3 Launcher.
To exit the game:
Once you decide to leave the game, always remember to save, otherwise, you may lose your money, cars and other important assets. To save go to a save point (marked on your map as a red dot) and once there either select save using the scroll menu or press Shift+S.

(See CL Keys for more information)Wait for the message 'ACCOUNT DATA SAVED' to come up in an alert box. You can now quit the game by hitting Alt+F4 and all of your account data should be saved. It is also a good idea to make sure that any vehicles you have out on the map are stored in Car Storage before you log out. Vehicles left out on the map are usually put back in storage automatically when the server runs a save loop and the owner of the vehicle is OFFLINE but vehicles could be destroyed or critically damaged before this happens and it is unlikely they will be replaced.

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