Earning Money

How to earn money as a civilian

There are quite a few ways in City Life to earn a good amount of money as a civilian. On this page, I'll try to cover most of them. Take notice that his list is incomplete. Besides this list, there are countless other options to earn money simply by roleplaying a situation and interacting with other players. This page will be split up into a legal, illegal and grey zone part. Everything that is in the illegal part can get you into jail quite fast if you don't watch out.

Ways To Earn Money Legally

This section will split up into the effort it'll take to do the job. There will also be a list for jobs that are based around roleplay (only implemented jobs).

Low Effort Jobs

Low Effort jobs require you to only do one step. So just do one thing and get paid afterwards. This also includes passive income.

Low Effort Legal Job Opportunities
Pay Checks DeVegas Paychecks The easiest way to earn money in City Life is by paychecks. With these, you will get a certain amount of money every 30 Minutes you play on the server. The standard paycheck without a Job will give you $50. Certain Jobs weld different payouts. For more Information go over to Paychecks
Job Centre DeVegas EarningMoney JobCentre Since $50 per 30 Minutes won't get you far in this game, you should visit the jobcentre to get some early delivery missions. They pay average, with about $500-$5000 depending on the distance you go. With most options in the Job Centre, you'll require a vehicle to deliver efficiently. If you select the truck mission, they will give you a truck so you can deliver with that. Check out the Job Centre page for more details.
Post Office Delivery Missions POmalden If you already own a vehicle to drive around, you can go to any Post Office on the Island and accept a package delivery. You will have to deliver the package to a certain location. You will get between $100-$5000 depending on distance. Check out the Post Office page for more information.
Stocking Shops DeVegas EarningMoney Stocking Every shop in City Life needs stock to function. You will have to either buy a stock package from any car storage pole and then deliver it to a shop that needs to be stocked. Or you take a vehicle with a big enough trunk and drive to a stock loading area. To add stock to a shop, open the shop, select the stock option and click "accept" while having the stock in your inventory. All you need to know about this is on the Stocking page. For $3500 worth of stock, you get about $4600 back in cash.
Gambling DanCasinoInside There is multiple ways to gamble with your money. You can go into the Casino, located beside tanoa airfield on the main road. There you find one-armed-bandit machines and roulette tables. You can go to any post office and buy a lottery ticket. Or go to the Bingo area located at 126075. Go over to the GamblingPost Office and Bingo pages for more information.
Pole/Hand Fishing DeVegas EarningMoney GrabFish There are two easy ways to catch fish. Either get a fishing pole at any fishing supply shop and start fishing in any water. Or you can buy yourself a dive suit, jump into the water and catch the fish per hand. Either sell them at the fish shop or to other players. See the Fishing page for more info.
Hunting DeVegas EarningMoney GoogleGoat Get yourself any kind of gun and drive into the randomly placed hunting zones. Walk around a bit and start killing those animals. Gather the meat and sell it at the meat shop. See Hunting for more information.
Shop Ownership DeVegas EarningMoney ShopOwning You can purchase any shop in city life. After buying it you will get profit from every purchase made. The profit is determined by the taxes the players have to pay (Senator can change taxes). You have to collect the profit by driving to the shop. This is a good way to earn passive money. See Shop Ownership for more details.
Small Shops DanSmallShop1 You can buy a Small Shop at U-Build-it. After using it (setting it up) you can put in any item you like into it. You select the price it will cost. Other players can then purchase from your shop. Shops stay over a server restart and you will get the cash even when offline. See Small Shop for more info.


Medium Effort Jobs

Medium Effort Jobs requires you to do at least two steps. Most of these will include gathering a product and refining it in the factory. To use the factory you need 5 Gathering skill points. (FactorySkills). To gather some of the resources below you will need certain tools. Check out Workmans Shop and Required tools.

Low Effort Legal Job Opportunities
Baker DeVegas EarningMoney RepoDriver Gather Wheat at the "Gather Wheat" location. You only need your hands for that. Afterwards, drive to the factory and produce bread. Sell it to other players, use it yourself or at U-Get-It. See WheatBreadFactory.
Coal Worker MaldenBusDriver You have to gather lumber and Petroleum and then refine it at the factory into coal. You can sell coal at the Market.
Metal Worker DeVegas EarningMoney MetalWorker There are two metals you can produce. SimpleIron and Steel. For Iron, you just have to gather Iron Ore from the Iron Mine and refine it in the Factory. To make Steel you will first have to make Coal and then refine Iron with it. You can sell Iron and Steel at the Market or sell it to other players since it is needed for a lot of recipes in the Factory
Brewer DeVegas EarningMoney Brewer You can brew Vodka or Stella Artois in the factory and sell it to other players or the booze shop. Check the Factory page for the recipe.
Beekeeper DeVegas EarningMoney Beekeeper You can collect Honeycomb at the Bee Hive. You will need a knife from Workmans Shop. Afterwards refine it at the Factory to either Honey or Bees Wax and sell it at the Market.
Deep Sea Fishing DWP.boat Buy yourself a boat from the Boat Shop, go the the Fish Shop and ask for the Fish Location. Then drive out with your boat and retract your fishing-net. Load the Fresh Fish into a truck and drive them to the Factory to refine them into Fish. Sell the fish to players or back to the Fish Shop. Also see Fishing
Farmer OliveShop Smir Buy Olive Seeds from the Olive Shop. Then go to any open area and start planting. After a while the plants will grow and they can be harvested. Gather the Fresh Olives, drive them to the Factory and refine them into Olives. Olives can be sold back to the Olive Shop. The same works with Banana, you just have to go the the Fruit Shopinstead. See Plantations for more
Factory Worker FactoryCLicon There are loads of other items that you can create at the Factory that are not mentioned in the lists above. Some of those items can only be sold to other player or made into other items. Some can be sold to the market. This is mostly for advanced players that already know a bit about the factory system. If you are interested in creating more different items, just check out the Factory page and see what you can make. If you want to know if you can sell it at the Market just go there and check.
Air Cargo Delivery DeVegas EarningMoney CargoPilot Technically this should be under the low effort category, but since it requires an airplane and quite some skill I'll put it under here. You will have to own any type or airplane (not helicopter). You can buy them from Fly High. Then just drive around any airfield and select the air delivery missions. You will have to fly to a location on the map and drop the cargo into a small circle. The further the distance and the closer you get to the center of the circle the better is the payout. Advanced tip: You don't need to land to take a new air mission, you can just fly slightly above the ground. See Cargo Pilot for more details.


Medium Effort Jobs

High Effort Jobs are Jobs that take at least 2h of ingame time to finish one product. The payout is normally pretty high.

High Effort Legal Job Opportunities
Vehicle Creator DeVegas EarningMoney RepoDriver You can create loads of vehicles at the factory. You will need different types of items to create this. The item that will consume most of your time will be getting the Steel. It depends on how much driving Skill you have, what car you can build. Just check out the Factory page for all available cars and the recipe.


Roleplaying Jobs

Roleplaying Jobs won't give you a steady payout since it revolves around what other players will pay you. But in general, these are the most fun since you have to interact with others.

Roleplaying Job Opportunities
Repo Driver DeVegas EarningMoney RepoDriver You can get the Repo man job from the repo lotRepossession and Towing. A tow truck will come with the job. If somebody needs repair or a towing you can respond and help them. You can choose the profit yourself. Sometimes the CLPD will contact you to impound a vehicle. They normally pay a good price. For more check the Impound and Towing Guide. You also get a better paycheck than when being unemployed.
Bus Driver MaldenBusDriver You can get the Bus Driver Job from the Bus Lot. A Bus will come with the job. You can pick other players up and drive routes. Or get rented for bus tours. Payout depends on roleplay.
Taxi Driver DeVegas EarningMoney TaxiDriver You can get the Taxi Driver Job from the Taxi Station at Tanoa airfield. A Taxi will come with the job. If someone requests a taxi you need to drive them to their destination. VIP Taxi services can also be advertised. Payout depends on one roleplay.
Pilot DeVegas EarningMoney Pilot You can get the Pilot Job from any airfield. The Job requires 20 Air Skill and money. This will give you a better paycheck, but only when in a plane or helicopter. You can also roleplay being a Air Taxi. Payout depends on roleplay.
Pilot Instructor DeVegas EarningMoney PilotInstructor You can get the (Pilot Instructor job from any airfield. The Job requires 20 Air skill and $20.000. You can teach other to fly proper for a fee. Payout depends on roleplay.
Air Traffic Control DeVegas EarningMoney ATC You can become an Air Traffic Controller at every airfield. It will cost you $140.000 and you need 40 Air Skill. Afterwards, you can access the ATC controls. With this, you can monitor all air traffic as long as you are at the ATC tower. You'll get $300 every 30 minutes. The only way to earn cash with this besides the paycheck is through roleplay.


Ways To Earn Money Illegally

The Illegal Section will be split up into jobs that require you to interact with in-game systems and jobs that only work on roleplay alone. Keep in mind that you can get long jail sentences if caught doing any of the jobs below.

Illegal Jobs with Ingame Systems

Here you will find most of the illegal activities that require some kind of implemented system you'll have to use.

Illegal Jobs with Ingame System
Bank Robber/ATM Robber DeVegas EarningMoney ATMRobbery In City Life you can rob both the Bank and every ATM that is located on the map. You will need three police officers online to be able to do that. To rob, an ATM simply have a gun in your hands and click rob ATM. You will get some cash after a couple of minutes. As soon as you get the cash or you leave the ATM area evidence will drop so remember to clear that. To rob the bank bank robbing you will either need an Angle Grinder or C4. Just go to the main Bank and cut/blow open the safe at the back of the ATM.
Illegal Fishing DeVEgas EarningMoney IllegalFishing Catching sharks and turtles is illegal in city life. To catch them you will have to get the illegal fish locations from any Fish Shop. Then buy a boat (big boat required for sharks) and drive out to catch turtles or sharks. Process them at the Factory and sell them at the Black Market. You get the Black Market location at Nightclub.
Growing Drugs DeVegas EarningMoney GrowingDrugs You can grow four different kinds of drugs. Coke, shrooms, weed and heroin. 1st drive to Nightclub, ask for the Drug Dealer location. Then buy seeds and plant them anywhere. Process the drugs at the Factory and sell them back to the Drug Dealer. There is a good tutorial over at Growing Drugs.
Hitman MaldenHitMan Just visit any Hitman shop Hitman - Assassination to accept a hit. You can either take a hit for $25.000 or place one for the same amount. Take the target out with any gun and then claim the hit back at the Hitman's Shop. Roleplay the killing and don't just snipe him.
Jailbreak Assistant 20180516211007 1 If somebody wants to be jailbroken you can assist them for a good payout. Just go over to the Jailbreaking page for more information. Payout depends on what the person in jail is ready to give you.


Illegal Jobs that depend on Roleplay

Here you will find most of the illegal activities that require some kind of implemented system you'll have to use.

Illegal Jobs that depend on roleplay
Robbing Mugging DeVegas EarningMoney Robbing You can rob any player in city life. (Don't rob new players that have the noob marker activated). Either just hold them at gunpoint and demand all their money or a certain Item, or use the mug option when scrolling into the player menu. Be creative and always roleplay.
Thief CLcash2 If someone lets his items unwatched feel free to steal them for a good cashout by selling them. Also works on stealing the items of dead persons. Just don't get caught.
Car Thief DeVegas EarningMoney CarThief Buy yourself a Lock Pick over at the Black Market and steal a car with it. You can demand money for its return. Be careful since you can install car alarms and tracking devices on cars.
Arms Dealer DeVegas EarningMoney ArmsDealer Sell illegal weapons that you got from who knows where to other players. This has a good payout depending on the gun. You can also sell/buy illegal guns at Black Market
Drug Dealer DeVegas EarningMoney WeedDealer Besides growing drugs as described above, you can also sell drugs to other players. Buy them at the Drug Dealer or grow them yourself, then sell them for a profit.


Grey Zone Jobs

In here you will find activities to do, that can turn out to be both legal and illegal.

Grey Zone Jobs
Loot Spawn Hunting DeVegas EarningMoney LootLocations About every hour or so a loot spawn on land and one in the water will randomly appear on the island. Go there quick to claim the loot yourself. You can find both legal and illegal items there. Sell them to the shops or other players to make a profit.
House Spawn Hunting DeVegas EarningMoney HouseLoot While driving open your GPS. When you see coloured dots on your GPS map, drive to the house and check it for loot. You can sell the loot to a shop or other players. Both legal and illegal items are found here.
Zombie Smashing DeVegas EarningMoney Zombie Kill Zombies at the "Danger Zone". They will spawn weapons and random items. You will get illegal and legal items that you can sell.
AI Missions DeVegas EarningMoney AIMission AI Missions will spawn randomly on the map.
The difficulty will be displayed by the colour:
Green = easy
Black = hard
Drive there and kill all AIs found in the area. Be careful as they are pretty strong and well equipped. After killing all AIs, a loot box will appear. Inside you mostly find illegal weapons plus random items. This can go from bread up to credit cards and diamonds. To legal and illegal items here. Killing the AIs is not against the law as long as you have a license for your gun.
Server Events DeVegas EarningMoney ServerEvent Participating in Server Events ALWAYS has advantages. Mostly you will get something out of it and you will always have some sort of fun. Might involve illegal activities so listed here.

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