Sever Rules

Server rules that apply to EMT's and their work on the server. Server rules mentioned in this section is only regarding the EMT's, however, as a CL member, you are reminded to follow all server rules.

5.14.a General

    All EMT's are protected players.
    Other players are not permitted to steal, damage or destroy any vehicle or item that belongs to the EMT Service.
    Breaches will result in a server ban.

5.14.b NEVER

    Block Police or Civilian vehicles.
    Block criminal vehicles and/or line of fire.
    Give Police officers a ride during patient transportation.
    Provide information relating to crimes (unless directly involving an EMT).
    Take items left by an incapacitated player unless delivering to the player concerned.
    Revive a player in a combat zone.


    Fly low within city limits during an emergency only.
    Charge a fee for a successful revive.
    Inform the Police of the location the victim.

5.14.d ALWAYS

    Non-prejudice and non-judgemental assessment and treatment.
    Promote multi-agency working by liaising with Police where appropriate.
    Use lights and sounds and bypass speed restrictions during an emergency only.


…is the interaction and subsequent result between a member of the EMT Service and an incapacitated player.

    incapacitated players waiting to be revived by the EMTs may have their items removed by other players.
    The incapacitated player’s body is to remain unaffected. This includes, but not exhaustive; of Tasering, handcuffing, etc.
    Moving an incapacitated body is permitted only when additional danger is absent.
    Players who kill others during re-spawn or revival will be banned without warning.

Fair Punishment Guide

Theft/Destruction/Damage of EMT items/vehicle

    7 days (Ban)
    Permanent (Ban)

CL Lawbook

Laws in the CL lawbook that apply to EMT's and their work on the server.

EMT's and the CL Lawbook

As a member of the EMT Service, you are reminded that you are not above the law! If you break the law you will be punished accordingly by the CLPD and EMT Command Staff.

Must Follow Lawful Orders Given By Police

No person shall willfully fail or refuse to comply with any lawful order or direction given by a member of the CLPD. This is Required even though you have not broken any laws or made any offense.


EMT's neutrality that applies to their work on the server.


    EMT's are to remain neutral towards all side and revive when needed all CL members.
    EMT's can refuse to heal any CL member for any reason at anytime, if doing so the EMT should direct the CL member to the nearest shop that is selling med-kits.
    EMT's are not allowed to give a ride to a CIV or CLPD when on a hospital run unless given permission by the player that is going to the hospital. Overruled if its a ride along.
    EMT's are not allowed to pass on information between the individual sides, ( CIV > CLPD or CLPD > CIV ). Overruled if regarding server rules.
    EMT's are not allowed to pass on information whit in a side ( CIV > CIV or CLPD > CLPD) unless its regarding EMT > EMT (Breaking SOPs or the Law). Overruled if regarding server rules.

EMT and Civilians/PD

EMT's are to comply with any reasonable demands made by CIVs / PD members when dealing with the EMT's own safety.

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