Server Rules

      Server rules mentioned in this section is only regarding the EMT's,

      However as a CL member you are reminded to follow all server rules.



  • All EMT's are protected players.
  • Other players are not permitted to steal, damage or destroy any vehicle or item that belongs to the EMT Service.
  • Breaches will result in a server ban.



  • Block Police or Civilian vehicles.
  • Block criminal vehicles and/or line of fire.
  • Give Police officers a ride during patient transportation.
  • Provide information relating to crimes (unless directly involving an EMT).
  • Take items left by a dead player (Bag / Money).
  • Revive a player in a combat zone.



  • Fly low within city limits during an emergency only.
  • Charge a fee for a successful revive.
  • Inform the Police of the location the victim.



  • Non-prejudice and non-judgemental assessment and treatment.
  • Promote multi-agency working by liaising with Police where appropriate.
  • Use lights and sounds and bypass speed restrictions during an emergency only.



  • Dead players waiting to be revived by the EMT's may have their items removed by other players.
  • The dead player's body is to remain unaffected. This includes, but not exhaustive; of Tasering, handcuffing, etc.
  • Moving a dead body is permitted only when additional danger is absent.
  • Players who kill others during re-spawn or revival will be banned without warning.


Fair Punishment Guide

Theft/Destruction/Damage of EMT items/vehicle

  • 7 days (Ban)
  • Permanent (Ban)

  CL Law book

  • Laws in the CL law book that apply to EMT's and their work on the server.

 EMT's and the CL Law book

  • As a member of the EMT Service you are reminded that you are not above the law! If you break the law you will be punished accordingly by the CLPD and EMT Command Staff.

 Must Follow Lawful Orders Given By Police

  • No person shall willfully fail or refuse to comply with any lawful order or direction given by a member of the CLPD. This is Required even though you have not broken any laws or made any offense.


  • EMT's neutrality that applies to their work on the server.



  • EMT's are to remain neutral towards all side and revive when needed to all CL members.
  • EMT's can refuse to heal any CL member for any reason at anytime, if doing so the EMT should direct the CL member to the nearest shop that is selling med kits.
  • EMT's are not allowed to give a ride to a CIV or CLPD when on a hospital run unless given permission by the player that is going to the hospital. Overruled if it's a ride along.
  • EMT's are not allowed to pass on information between the individual sides, ( CIV > CLPD or CLPD > CIV ). Overruled if regarding server rules.
  • EMT's are not allowed to pass on information with in a side ( CIV > CIV or CLPD > CLPD) unless it's regarding EMT --> EMT (Breaking SOPs or the Law). Overruled if regarding server rules.


 EMT and Civilians/PD

  • EMT's are to comply with any reasonable demands made by CIV's / PD members when dealing with the EMT's own safety.


 EMT Policy

  • The EMT policy covers what is not covered by CL rules or CL lawbook.



  • All members of the EMT Service is to remain 100% crime free, any crime committed will be dealt by the EMT Command Staff.


  On duty/Off duty

  • The EMT service defines "On duty/Off duty" as 3 things: "On duty" EMT, "Off duty" EMT and "Out of service" EMT.
  • You have to follow all SOP's even if you are off duty or out of service!
  • "Off duty/Out of service." can be authorized by the highest ranking EMT online. ( at least Senior or higher )
  • While "Off duty" you still have to wear your EMT clothing, you may drive a civilian car.(  If command staff. Didn't say otherwise )
  • EMT command reminds you that as a "On duty/Off duty" EMT you must adhere to the "EMT Uniforms SOP"
  • During special events or holidays the EMT Chiefs allow certain civilian clothing items.


 Firearms / Ballistic Ordinance

  • EMT's may carry a legal pistol Only to go save CIV's in SinCity or the town where zombies are located in.
  • You must have a pistol license and the weapons must be kept in your vehicle's trunk or helicopter.
  • You may not carry any other weapons or Ballistic Ordinance.
  • Offenses regarding firearms & ammunition (excluding paintball equipment) will be referred to the EMT Command Staff.
  • You are not allowed to carry weapons in your holster.  If you are found with a weapon holstered you will be punished!
  • The only time an EMT is allowed to have a gun is while being in SinCity or in a certain RP situation. As soon as that situation has ended or you are about to leave SinCity your weapon has to be stored in the back of your trunk right away - no exceptions!
  • You can not get any weapons from the CLPD or CIV's! They must be acquired from loot spawns.

Fire Axe & Pepper Spray

  • EMT's that abuse the Fire Axe and or the Pepper Spray will be punished at Commands discretion. You may only use it for Role play reasons.


 Illicit Substances

  • Under no circumstance may any EMT carry any number of illegal drug substances or legal or illegal munitions (excluding paintball equipment), no matter the type nor amount. This also includes what is referred to as "coke weight". You will be severely punished both by the EMT Command & CLPD if found in possession of illicit substances. If found dealing with drugs or weapons you will be removed from the EMT Service!


 Loot Spawns

  • EMT's may go to loot spawns. This is where you can find a gun (must be legal to own) but be advised you could get shot by a Civilian or get caught in a hostile situation.
  • You are also not allowed to pick up any illegal items!


  Paintball Equipment

  • As a member of EMT Service you're allowed to play paintball, under authorized conditions, this means at organized events or in the paintball zone. Anyone caught wielding a paintball-gun in any other circumstances and or using paintball guns to cause harm and damage to others will be punished by the EMT Command Staff. In extreme cases, your conduct may be referred to the administration team.


Live Streaming / Recording

  • Anyone, who intends to stream as an EMT must hide our radio frequencies, recordings where the radio frequencies are not hidden may only be published after current frequencies have changed. 


Checkpoint Builder

  • The Checkpoint Builder is only to be used by the EMT Service to spawn in objects to enhanced role play situations.



  • Use the Checkpoint Builder to enhance role play.
  • Secure unlocked EMT Vehicles using the Checkpoint Builder, if left unlocked after disconnection report it to the to your Lieutenant. If the EMT got kicked from the Server no action is required. 


Do Not:

  • Enter the jail using the Checkpoint Builder!
  • Enter any other UN-authorized areas using the Checkpoint Builder.
  • Replace destroyed walls using the Checkpoint Builder.
  • Exploit any aspect of CL3 by using the Checkpoint Builder.
  • Use the Checkpoint Builder in any way that disrupts others game play.

Anyone found not to be removing Checkpoint Builder items will be retrained in its use. You can also expect a verbal / written warning depending upon your record. If you need to leave, and you can't clear it up then put a marker on the location of the items saying that they need cleaning up.

If found abusing the Checkpoint Builder you can expect a harsh punishment so only use for the reasons mentioned above.



 Required Equipment

As an EMT, it is a statutory requirement to carry the following equipment on your person:

  • 1x GPS
  • 1x EMT Tactical Belt
  • 1x Rifle Bag
  • 1x Cellular Telephone
  • 1x Flashlight
  • 1x Night Vision Goggle or Ear Piece
  • 3x Vehicle Jacks*
  • 1x Repair Kit
  • 1x Fuel Can*
  • 20x Large First Aid Kits
  • 10x Small First Aid Kits
  • 40x Pieces of Food
  • 40x Bottles of Water
  • 1x Lowjack 
  • 1x Fire Extinguisher**
  • 5x Fire Extinguisher Tanks**

* - "heavy" items like Vehicle Jacks and Fuel Cans can be carried in your on-duty EMT vehicle.

** - Fire extinguishers and tanks may be carried in your vehicle if you do not want to carry them at all times, however, if you are going to keep them in your vehicle then you must keep one full set (1 extinguisher and 5 tanks) in EVERY vehicle that you own.


You must also equip your vehicle with the following: 

  • 1x Lowjack Kit 
  • NO MORE THAN 3 Car Alarms


For ground vehicles it is recommended but not required to have:

  • 4x Wheel repair parts
  • 2x Engine repair parts 
  • 2x Fuel tank repair parts


For Aircraft it is recommended but not required to have:

  • 2x Engine repair parts
  • 2x Aviation fuel tanks
  • 2x Tail Rotor repair parts
  • 2x Main Rotor repair parts
  • 2x Avionics repair parts
  • 2x Wheel repair parts (to assist ground units with repairs)


 Spot Checks

  • Anyone holding the rank of Lieutenant or above has the ability to carry out spot checks on members of the EMT Service. You must not withhold any information during a spot check. If you fail to have the correct equipment on you, you will be warned verbally. Should you persistently not to have the correct equipment the case will be referred to the Command Staff.



  • EMT shops are only allowed to be bought by a Captain or higher unless permission given by the EMT Command Staff.
  • The fuel pumps at our stations can be bought by Civilians We are not allowed to buy back in forth via the EMT's just to get the price up so they cant buy it. We are allowed to buy it back from a Civilian but not from another EMT.
  • Shops can't be bought by mistake since you have to confirm that you want to buy a shop so there's no other excuse than not knowing the SOPs. If a shop is bought by anyone else than a Captain you have to contact the next person in your Chain of Command. You also have to return all the money collected.
  • You are not allowed to buy Civilian shops either!


Abandoned EMT Equipment and Items

  • EMT equipment and personal items that are dropped, discarded and or not needed must be removed from the server either by selling it in the shop, 10 metering it or destroying it. This includes but not limited to, clothing, radios, tools and vehicles. Anyone found just leaving items on the ground will be dealt with by the EMT Command Staff.
  • Keep in mind that EMT equipment and items are only for EMTs and CIV are not allowed to have them so do not leave them on the ground!


Uniform Code of Conduct
Whilst on duty, you represent the EMT service as a whole and are expected to be professional at all times when dealing with the situations presented to you. EMTs are to, at all times:

  • Wear the appropriate uniform for the job he or she is doing
    • Paramedic uniforms are to be worn when operating paramedic vehicles.
    • Fire uniforms are to be worn when using fire equipment.
    • SAR uniforms are to be worn when operating SAR vehicles.
    • Pilot Uniforms must be worn then flying
    • Diving apparatus must be worn when operating boats or diving for SAR
  • Remain professional when dealing with difficult patients
    • Some may be angry at the way they were incapacitated and take that out on you, be calm and do your job.
  • Remain objective
    • You may be asked to revive patients in a particular order to give one person an advantage… you MUST revive multiple casualties in the order that you received their calls.


 Human Resources

The EMT Service prides itself on its respect, within its own ranks and with other sides of the mod.

Respect is a two way street and as such you will only receive the respect you give within the EMT Service. You may often see/hear other people talking in a way that may be considered rude or offensive between one another which a lot of the times is just banter between those individuals and should not be the general way you address any of those involved. Please be mindful of the Chain of Command when addressing / communicating with those in the ranks above you.


 Chain of Command
The  EMT Service operates under a strict Chain of Command hereby referred to as the CoC. Please note the CoC and remember It.

Our current CoC is:

  • Probationary EMT
  • EMT
  • Senior EMT
  • Lieutenant
  • Captain
  • Assistant Chief, Deputy Chief, Chief

 Job Descriptions
Probation & EMT

  • To attend emergency calls.
  • To do Ride Alongs. (EMT and above)
  • To revive members of the community without discrimination or prejudice.

Senior EMT

  • As above.
  • Train new probationary members according to official SOIs.
  • Train EMTs in additional courses according to SOIs.
  • Help your Lieutenant according to his instruction.


  • As above.
  • Responsible for all members of his station.
  • Ensure appropriate paperwork is in order for all Captains.
  • Manage training events.
  • Can promote to the rank of Senior EMT.


  • As above.
  • Handle EMT complaints.
  • Handle escalated matters of punishment.
  • Make use of the Hunter when CLPD issued Code Critical directive.
  • Can hire into the EMT Service.
  • Can promote to the rank of Lieutenant.


Assistant Chief, Deputy Chief, Chief

  • As above.
  • The leaders of the EMT Service.
  • Will make Command decisions and represent the EMT Service on events.
  • They have the final say in all matters within the EMT Service.
  • Overall Chief has above all final say, he can overrule the other 2 Chiefs.


Probation Period

When you get accepted into the EMT Service you will start as a Probationary EMT, after a week of Service you will have to take an EMT examination test to become a full EMT. During your probation period you are only allowed to drive the Paramedic Transit Van and you can't apply for specific training till you passed the test. The EMT Command Staff reserve the right to remove you from any position at any time.

Also do not ask for an early promotion! If you keep asking higher ups for a promotion we're going to extend your probation time.



The EMT Service will provide you with all necessary training as per our internal Training Procedures. If you feel that you need extra training get in touch with a member of the Supervisor or Command Team. You should not undertake any tasks you are not comfortable to undertake and should request training or guidance with regard as to how to handle these situations. If you refuse mandatory training an investigation into your conduct will take place, and you will be punished appropriately. 


Internal Applications

There are several positions which you can/will be able to apply for within the EMT Service. Probationary EMTs are not eligible to apply for any of these positions. These positions, will often yield you with more responsibility within the EMT Service. As such, EMT Service Command reserve the right to remove you from any of these positions at any time, should you be found to be completing the job unsatisfactorily.

Ride Alongs

Members of the EMT Service who hold the rank of EMT or above can conduct ride alongs with potential candidates for employment within the EMT Service. Before the ride along commences you should inform them of the following rules which they must abide by:

  • They must remain in your car unless you clear them to accompany you to the patient.
  • The ridealong should wear the designated “Ridealong” stab vest and baseball cap.
  • They must abide by the law.
  • The ridealong is not allowed to unholster a weapon.
  • They should remain neutral.
  • Under no circumstances should you host ride along during code critical situations unless given permission from Command.

If they break any rules you should contact a Supervisor or Command member.

For more information regarding ride alongs visit HERE.

During the Ride Along you should explain to them about EMT and how it all works. You could also show them around EMT infrastructure; this should not distract you from taking calls. 

Once the ride along ended you'll have to post a ride along review HERE.




 Disciplinary Procedure
For instances involving fellow EMT's, members of the Service are to speak directly to their Lieutenant(s). Any complaint involving a member of Command should be addressed to the EMT Chief. Members are to report the incident either through verbal communication or through private message on the forums. The Lieutenant should then reply in a timely manner outlining what the intentions are for handling the situation. The plan should be reported to all of the appropriate members of staff, should be carried out in a timely manner, and should be updated on all appropriate personnel files.

Should the action plan require approval from higher authority, the Lieutenant should contact their Captain for a course of action to be delegated.


As noted, should you found to be in breach of either this contract or official directives, disciplinary action will be taken against you, this includes but is not limited to:

  • An unofficial verbal warning.
  • An official verbal warning.
  • An official written warning.
  • Fines.
  • Demotion.
  • Removal from the EMT Service.

Punishment can be enacted by members of the Supervisory and Command Staff. Each team can enact a different calibre of punishment, as such Supervisors may enact

  • An unofficial verbal warning.
  • An official verbal warning.
  • An official written warning.
  • Fines.

Whereas Command may enact any of the above punishments. Members of the Supervisory Team should contact their Captain in order to authorize more severe punishments.

Supervisors may use their discretion when handling punishments depending upon the nature of the case at hand, however any crime commited is to be handled by the EMT Command Staff. We try to make sure that all punishments are reasonable. Supervisors should understand that they should not use discretion as a way to overstep punishment boundaries. If Supervisors are unsure they should contact their Divisional Officer or if unavailable another member of the EMT Command Staff. Should Command feel that a Supervisor has overstepped punishment boundaries they are liable for punishment.

Leave of Absence


If in the event you are unable to play for 5 days or more you have to submit an LOA. This ensures you will not be removed from the EMT Service. If you are going to be on LOA for over 2 weeks get in touch with a Captain and get his approval. If your Captain is not available contact another member of the EMT Command Staff.

 Extended LOAs
There may be significant circumstances whereby an LOA for longer than four (4) weeks is required. For example during or before examinations, medical issues etc. Extended LOAs are not common place and you must get the approval of one of the Chiefs.

 Absent without Leave
If you are absent for 5 days without an LOA or notifying a member of the EMT Command Staff you will receive one of the following punishments.

If it happens the first time that EMT is going to receive an official verbal warning. Second time is going to be a written warning and last warning you will be removed from the EMT Service.


 Notice Period, External Applications


 Notice Period
As a member of the EMT Service you are required to give notice before you are allowed to return to the CIV side. Furthermore, for your resignation to be considered official you must submit a resignation letter HERE or via. private message to a member of the EMT Command Staff.

The periods of notice for each rank can be found below.

  • Probationary EMT: 1 day
  • EMT: 5 days
  • Senior EMT: 7 days
  • Lieutenant: 14 days
  • Captain: 21 days
  • Chiefs: Until a suitable replacement is organized

If you wish to switch sides immediately you can request an instant resignation but keep in mind that your request may be denied!

 External Applications
You should be an EMT for One (1) month before you can apply to the CLPD. After such time, if you wish to apply to the CLPD, you should make a post in "The Kitchen" with the topic CLPD application - "your name".

If you do not request to be allowed to put up an application, we will instantly deny your request, this means you will be denied by CLPD Command. Once allowed, you are welcome to apply to the CLPD, If denied, you may not apply to the CLPD, if you choose to do so anyway the CLPD Command will be contacted and your application denied.





  • Any and all call's addressed to the EMT Service is to be answered using 311 in a professional manner.
  • Any call that is reporting about a dead person is to be responded to like a normal death call.
  • Any call reporting a near death situation or a plea for medical assistance can be denied if misuse is suspected and or all EMT are busy.
  • Any calls asking for mechanical assistance is to be directed to a civilian repo / repair service.
  • If a caller keeps spamming 311 please report it to a TS Admin.


  • Any and all call's addressed to the EMT service through 911 is to be answered using 311. Do not use the 911 caller's name when answering in 311.
  • Any call that is reporting about a dead person is to be responded to like a normal death call.
  • Any call reporting a near death situation or a plea for medical assistance can be denied if misuse is suspected and or all EMT are busy.
  • Any call asking for mechanical assistance is to be directed to a civilian repo / repair service.
  • If a caller keeps spamming 911 please report it to a TS Admin.


Please observe that 141 calls are anonymous as such EMT's can ignore 141 and should not answer or take action regarding 141, HOWEVER it can depend on the situation!

It is the EMT policy that:

  • As standard any 141 can be ignored or not attended, however any death call should be investigated. 
  • 141 calls telling EMT to leave an area is to be ignored unless accompanied by other types of warnings such as as CIV telling u to leave in direct chat, gunshots in the area or if PD telling you to leave. A 141 call with GPS coordinates that matched the general area is also a valid warning.
  • If there is a conflict between 141+ an hostile situation and what PD asked from the EMT service, it is then up to the individual EMT AND the Chain of Command that is online to make a judgement call, however EMT Command reminds you that you are still liable for your actions.
  • If during a hostage situation that is known to CLPD a 141 call is made asking for medical assistance the PD is to be contacted for instructions for safe passage.


Here are some things you need to remember when connecting to and using Teamspeak as an EMT:

General use

  • Any EMT that is ingame has to be in the correct TFAR channel.
  • You are only allowed to leave the TFAR channel while being on the Server if it's important and another EMT is able to cover for you in the meantime.

 Channel Passwords

You are not allowed to share the EMT Channel passwords with CIV's or the CLPD. The channel passwords can be found HERE.

 Radio and Telephone

Any TFAR / Radio related questions can be answered HERE.

 Radio Protocol

  • Before you are allowed to take any calls you have to setup up your radio with the main EMT freq. and the PD Bridge freq. If you are found not be on the radio multiple times expect punishments.
  • Please understand that you are not supposed to constantly talk over the main freq. If you want to talk to another EMT over something not EMT related you have to use your cellular telephone!

If a higher ranking EMT told you to stop talking over the radio unless it's something EMT related you have to listen to him.

 Radio Frequencies

  • Our frequencies can be found HERE.
  • You are not allowed to share any of our frequencies under any circumstances! If another EMT is asking you for the frequencies please refer them to the forums.
  • Our frequencies are being changed every week or two so it's recommend to follow the topic so you are aware if the freqs. are being changed.

 Cellular Phone & Dispatch

The phone system comes with a dispatch system. When you open your phone you will see a dispatch option on the top right corner, please check the box beside. This will log you into the system so that you can receive emergency calls when anyone dials 101. The call will go to a random EMT online and it is their responsibility to answer the call and treat it with the same Protocols for 311 from Civs and 311/radios from PD.Receiving a 101 Call:When you answer a 101 call on your Cell phone you need to answer in a calm and respectable manner. After you answer, wait a few seconds and address them as so:"City Life EMT Service, this is Rank In-Game Name."
Wait for their response and reply with the proper information and/or dispatched units NOTE: This is not a script, it’s just a suggested response. The main point is to be as Professional and Courteous as you can be.


 Ground Vehicles & Restrictions

The EMT Service has a good amount of cars, trucks and bikes and, for that reason, some of the following vehicles can only be used once you have completed training to use those vehicles.

You MUST obtain a Civilian Driving License before driving any land vehicle

Probationary EMTs are restricted to the following vehicles during their probation period:

  • Paramedic Transit Van
  • Ford Ambulance
  • GMC Ambulance

Once you hold the rank of a full EMT you are allowed to drive the following vehicles in the “Paramedic” livery:

  • EMT Transit Van
  • SUV
  • Charger
  • Ford Mondeo
  • F 150 Repo Truck
  • Cadillac Escalade
  • Ford Raptor
  • Ford Crown Vic.

 Special Restrictions

  • The following vehicles can only be driven once you applied & passed specific training:
    • The EMT Bikes (X1000 and the Enduro).
      • These require “First Response: Bike” training and a Civilian Motorbike License.
    • Subaru Impreza. & Nissan GTR V
      • This requires “First Response: Vehicle” Training.
    • Vehicles with Fire Livery (Including the Fire Truck).
      • These require Fire Training.
    • Vehicles with SAR livery (Including the SAR Defender).
      • These require Full SAR Training.
  • The EMT Chief Barracuda can only be driven by the Chiefs but can't be used for emergency calls as it is classified as a civilian car.
  • The EMT Hunter is a Command only vehicle and is only to be driven during Code Critical.
  • If you donate for any EMT Vehicle mentioned above with your own skin you will bypass these restrictions.
    • Here's an example. If you donate for a custom Subaru Impreza, once it is in game you will be allowed to drive it but we would still ask that you do the training for it to be fair.
  • Siren C is the police horn and should not be used by EMTs at any time.

Code 1, 2 & 3
There are three different driving codes in the EMT Service.

  • Code 1, Regular driving
    • While driving Code 1 you have to follow the normal speed limit and are not allowed to drive off road.
  • Code 2, This is used for non-urgent calls
    • If you receive a 311/911 saying someone is hurt but not dead you use Code 2 which means you have to use your lightbar - Siren can be approved by the highest EMT online at the time.
    • You can drive 30km/h over the allowed speed limit within City Limits and 60km/s over the allowed speed limit outside of Cities.
    • You should use Siren A or B before you reach an intersection or hit a populated area so everyone is aware of you.
    • Code 2 can be used to RTB if there are less than 5 EMTs in Service. ( Do not abuse it! )
  • Code 3, This is used for emergency calls only
    • During an emergency call you have to use your main siren and your lightbar.
    • You should drive as fast as you can as long as you don't lose control of your vehicle, so be carefull!
    • While driving Code 3 you have to use Siren A or B before you reach an intersection or hit a populated area so everyone is aware of you.

As a member of the EMT Service you are not allowed to speed unless you are driving in Code 2 or Code 3. If you are found speeding, the CLPD is going to pull you over and you will have to pay a ticket. If you get pulled over by the CLPD three times (3) you will lose your Civilian drivers license!

Should you choose to run from the CLPD they will inform the EMT Command Staff and we will deal with that specific EMT. The CLPD is usually busy and since we are neutral and not allowed to break the law you should not run from them. If you still choose to do so you'll receive one of the following punishments:

  • If it's your first offence you'll receive a verbal warning & you'll have to pay a $150,000 fine.
  • Your second offence will be a written warning & a $250,000 fine.
  • The third offence will be a punishment at Commands discretion!

The only exception to these punishments will be if CLPD is attepmting to pull you over while you are responding Code 3 to a life or death situation.

Air Units

We do have a great variety of Helicopters within the EMT Service. Some of them can be used by every EMT who passed the EMT Pilot Training and some are restricted to it's Specialization.

A Paramedic MH9 may be used by probationary EMTs, ONLY if the probationary EMT has a Helicopter License AND is the only EMT on duty.

The Paramedic variants of the following vehicles can be used by anyone with EMT pilot training.

  • MH9
  • MH9 Sport
  • B-206B
  • Orca
  • Taru + Pods

The following helicopters have Specialist skins, so you are only allowed to fly the helicopter as long as you are trained in said Specialization in addition to your EMT pilot training:

  • B-206B (Fire Department)
  • Fire Department Taru + Pods
  • SAR Hellcat
  • SAR Mohawk

 Air Units Restrictions

  • Before you can fly any helicopter you need to pass the EMT Pilot Training AND own a Civilian Helicopter License! (Regular license checks will be run through CLPD)
  • The Mohawk and Hellcat we currently have in our shops is SEARCH & RESCUE only! So to be allowed to fly the Mohawk or Hellcat you need to be fully SAR trained.
  • If you are an Ex-EMT or transferred from the CLPD into the EMT Service and you have been Pilot trained before the requirement 'being a full EMT for two weeks' is going to be shortened to one week which means you can get Pilot trained after one week being a full EMT.
  • If you are stationed at the EMT HQ you are not allowed to respond to a call within 1000m of EMT HQ with your helicopter. You will have to take your car.
  • There is to be a MAXIMUM of 3 helicopters to be on the map at one time. Do not argue about this, if there are already 3 helicopters out you should team up with one of them as a Diver or Co-Pilot.

 Sea Units

We currently do not have any sea units with a Search and Rescue skin ( hopefully coming soon ).

We do have an EMT Boat Shop near the EMT HQ with the following boats: Rubber Rescue Boat, Speedboat and the SUB.

Sea Units Restrictions

To use a boat you have to pass the SAR boat training! You also must have the Civilian Boat License!

SAR Pilot SOP's

(to fly the Mohawk and Hellcat)


  • Only SAR certified pilots can fly the Mohawk and Hellcat.
  • Must have logged 5 water rescues (or training dives, when SAR 'go on maneuvers') or 10 land rescues (2x land = 1x water when you have a mix, resulting in a total of 5 water rescues) as Support Diver for any helicopter to be eligible for SAR Certification. Pilots can sign off on rescues at the end of the pairing.
  • Must have a Civilian Pilots License, have passed EMT pilot test, and have SAR certification to fly the Mohawk.


Airborne Water/Sea Rescue SOP's

  • Due to its stability in hovering, only the Mohawk Rescue helicopter may be used for Airborne Deep/Sea Rescue.
  • Water/Sea Rescue must be done by a team of at least 2 EMT's [[[Preferably 3] (1x SAR Certified Pilot (in SAR Pilot gear), 1x SAR Certified Diver (In FULL Diving Gear), 1x Crew Chief / Flight Medic (In SAR Pilot gear).)
  • The Pilot (regardless of rank) takes command of any missions the unit takes on.
  • The Pilot takes responsibility for the safety of the Helicopter, crew and patients during rescues.
  • The Crew Chief / Flight Medic (if present) is responsible for relaying information between EMT/CLPD (or just Dispatch if it is active) and the unit as a whole.

Mountain Rescue SOP's

  • with its smaller size and ability to land in tighter spots, only the Hellcat Rescue helicopter may be used for Mountain Rescue.
  • Water/Sea Rescue must be done by a team of at least 2 EMT's [[[Preferably 3] all in full SAR Pilot gear (1x SAR Certified Pilot , 1x SAR Certified Camera Operator, 1x Crew Chief / Flight Medic.)
  • The Pilot (regardless of rank) takes command of any missions the unit takes on.
  • The Pilot takes responsibility for the safety of the Helicopter, crew and patients during rescues.
  • The Camera Operator provides situational awareness for the Pilot, searches using the FLIR camera equipped on the helicopter and is responsible for relaying information between EMT/CLPD (or just Dispatch if it is active) and the unit as a whole.
  • The Crew Chief / Flight Medic (if present) Will winch down to the casualty and stablize him / her until the helicopter can land to pick them up.


During 'Active Dispatch' Airborne Rescue Units take on the call sign 'Sierra 1, 2 or 3' depending on how many airborne Rescue units are active.


Boat SOP's

  • Coast Guard Members must have a boat license, must be 'Grade 2 Coast Guard Dive Certified' and pass the Coast Guard boat test to Pilot EMT boats.
  • EMT's must be 'Dive Certified' to be a crewman on a boat for shallow water rescue.
  • EMT's must be 'Search & Rescue Certified' to be a crewman on a boat for Deep water rescue.
  • Only Boat Certified Coast Guard members, can Pilot boats.
  • ALL EMT's must be wearing Coast Guard Certified Dive gear (Wetsuit, Rebreather and Goggles) whilst on board an EMT boat.
  • Civilian Boats must NOT be used for water rescue.
  • Deep water rescue craft must have at least 2 Crewmen (1 pilot, 1 crewman.)

During 'Active Dispatch' Boat Units take on the call sign 'Whiskey 1, 2 or 3' depending on how many boat units are active.

 Civilian Vehicles

As a member of the EMT Service you are allowed to own Civilian Cars, boats, helicopters and planes. You can drive / fly your Civilian vehicles while you are off duty or out of service.

NOTE: You may only be off duty or out of service if there are enough EMTs in service to cover calls without you.

 Civilian Vehicle Restrictions

  • You are NOT allowed to use any Civilian vehicles to respond to calls under ANY circumstance, ever! If you are found to break this rule you will be punished at Commands discretion.
  • If you want to own Civilian vehicles you need to own a house first.
  • You also must own a Civilian Driving License which you should own anyway.



EMT Disciplinary Fines list

Here will be list for all the Disciplinary Fines and Actions

Offense                                                                                                        1st Occurrence                                2nd Occurrence                                     3rd Occurrence
Spamming the RadioWarning$25000 + Verbal Warning$50000 + Final Warning
Driving on Code 2 when off Call$50000 + Warning$80000 + Verbal Warning$120000 + Written Warning
Driving on Code 3 when off Call$50000 + Warning$80000 + Verbal Warning$120000 + Final Warning
Leaving your vehicle unlocked$25000$60000 + Warning$100000 + Verbal Warning
Entering a combat zone$50000 + Warning$100000 + Verbal Warning$150000 + Final Warning
Failure to follow CoC$100000 + Verbal Warning$150000 + Final WarningN/A See 2nd Occurrence
Failure to follow orders$50000 + Verbal Warning$100000 + Final WarningN/A See 2nd Occurrence
Removal of victim bag/money from the scene$50000 + Warning$75000 + Verbal Warning$150000 + Written Warning
Unlicensed Pistol & Rifle *$100000 + Warning$200000 + Written Warning$300000 + Final Warning
Possession of weapon other than a licensed Pistol & Rifle$300000 + Verbal Warning$600000 + Final WarningN/A See 2nd Occurrence
Low Flying within City Limits when off Call$300000 + Verbal Warning$600000 + Final WarningN/A See 2nd Occurrence
Abuse of Checkpoint Builder$300000 + Final WarningN/A See 1st OccurrenceN/A See 1st Occurrence
Failure to Tidy Checkpoint Builder$25000$50000$100000 + Verbal Warning
Speeding$25000N/A See 1st OccurrenceN/A See 1st Occurrence
Running Red Lights$25000N/A See 1st OccurrenceN/A See 1st Occurrence
Breach of SOP'sMember ReportN/A See 1st OccurrenceN/A See 1st Occurrence
Selling or Transfer of EMT Store Items (e.g. Lock Picks)Member ReportN/A See 1st OccurrenceN/A See 1st Occurrence


Warning actions

Warning – No further action required
Verbal Warning – Will be added to your Service Record
Written Warning  – Will be added to your Service Record
Final Warning – Will be added to your Service Record + May result in rank demotion or termination of contract whit the EMT service.  
Side Note

After being fined by the CLPD, EMT command staff reserves the right to fine you for the appropriate offense. 

** You can only hold your Rifle in your vehicle in all time and only can be used in mission or a killing zombie **

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