Drug Dealer

The Drug Dealer is the place where you can buy yourself some drugs or the seeds to grow them yourself. Once grown and processed, this is also the place where you can sell your finished product unless you want to consume it yourself.
If you want to grow drugs, you will need to buy the seeds first. Seeds can be planted almost everywhere, aslong as it's on grass. Once fully grown you will need to harvest and process them at the Factory.
Make sure you have a Gathering Skill of atleast 5 (!) to access the Factory.

Can't find the location of the Drug Dealer on the map? Since the CLPD is always on the hunt for Drug Dealers, he has to move every 50 minutes.
If you stop by Nightclub and have a chat with the bartender, she will give you the current location of the Drug Dealer, along with the time until he moves again. Check your map after you've talked to her.

Note: After you've talked to her and the Drug Dealer has been marked on your map, you have exactly 45 seconds to find the location before the marker disappears again!

There are no prices listed on this page due to the fact they always change.
Below you can see what the Drug Dealer has to offer, click on the images to see more information on each drug.






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