Department of Motor Vehicles

Here is the place to come to obtain the following licenses:

TestLicense Cost:Practise Cost:
Boat License$ 400$ 400
Motorcycle License$ 500$ 500
Driver License (Car)$ 500$ 500
Truck License$ 9.425$ 9.425
Pilot License$ 25.000$ 1.000
Heli License$ 25.000$ 1.000
Pistol License$ 10.000$ 1.000
Rifle License$ 12.000$ 1.000
Divers License$ 500$ 500

You can also do a practice test for each of the available licenses, that will cost you a lot less but will not give you the required licence.

Some practice test, like the Pilot Practice Test will give you a Skill Point.

You require certain licenses to do some jobs.

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