Company Storage

At one of the "Company Create" markers on the map, you can do/use the following


  • Create a company
  • Car Storage
  • Access a company
  • Buy stock ($1500-$2500-$3500)


Once you have created or joined someone's company, you can then use the company screen by using the "Company Access" action.

Then select the company you own or work for/with and click the access button.

Now you'll get a screen (as in the picture above), and here you can :


  • Add/Remove stock (All members can put stuff in and take it out.)
  • Add/Remove keys of vehicles (All members can take out/put in and use the keys to that vehicle.)
  • Add/Remove players (Only the owner can add/remove players from the company.)
  • Change owner (Only the owner can change the ownership of the company to another member.)
  • Change/Choose company logo (Only the owner can change/choose the company logo. (There's about 1000 logo's to choose from))

It will cost $250,000 to create a Company.

In order to delete a company, the owner must remove him/herself from the company.

Warning: Deleting a company is permanent and you must pay 250k to get a new one.:

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