Welcome to City Life RPG, as you start your new life here as a citizen of the island, you will learn how to survive on the island by acquiring transport, work, and money. We're not going to lie to you, there are a fair amount of criminals on the island but they are dealt with by the City Life Police Department and tend to keep themselves to themselves unless you upset them. Also, the roads on the island can be treacherous at times and people have been known to slide off them sideways and even upside down... but don't let that put you off, our friendly EMT service is there to pick you up if you have an accident.

Got skills as a driver? Why not get a job as a Taxi or Repo man?

Think you can fly? Become a Cargo Pilot or even Air Traffic Controller.

There are so many jobs for people with the right skill set so why not try them out.

Make sure you check out our sections on Earning Money and Expectations

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