City Limits

City Life RPG 3 - City Limits
A bigger version can be found by clicking the image below and then clicking the larger image on the page it navigates you to. *These city limit maps are not 100% Accurate, to get the most accurate version, please go ingame. Open up your Phone, head to Settings. And enable the CityLimits. Then close your phone and open up your map.
Raw Draft Citylimits Malden CityLimitsMap Placeholder



Here is a small guide of how to show the CityLimits ingame.

First of all, go to Fuel station, to buy yourself a Phone from the Shop Item Menu Then simply follow the pictures in order to show the City limits ingame. (Click on them to enlarge the picture which then helps you read the text.

Step oneStep twoStep three
Phone1 Finished Phone2 Finished Phone3 Finished Result

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