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About the CLPD

The City Life Police Department (CLPD) was established to enforce law and order on Malden.
As a Police Officer, your duty is to protect and serve the citizens. In order to do this, a Police Officer must enforce the established law contained within the City Life Lawbook. In order to do this effectively, every Officer undergoes a rigorous 14-day training program. The training includes classroom-based and practical training. All training is provided by specially trained FTOs, who ensure are recruits are trained to the highest standard. Before any recruit is allowed to patrol solo, they partner with other Officers in order to obtain valuable experience; then they are evaluated by our Supervisor team. At the end of 14 days of training, recruits are either promoted or removed from the CLPD. 

Chain of Command

Recruit -> Officer -> Senior -> Sergeant -> Lieutenants -> Captain -> Commander
This Chain of Command should be followed at all times. In the event you wish to question your arrest, the Chain of Command begins at the next highest ranked Officer online at the time of your arrest.

CLPD Updates

Below, you can find the latest news from the CLPD





  • Traffic Division Closed


  • CLPD General Meeting
  • Introduction of Vote of Performance for Commanders
  • CLIKI Page Updated

Human Resources

Becoming an Officer

You need to have been a member of City Life for 2 weeks in order to apply
You must be 3 days crime-free prior to the review of your application

  • Put in an Application
  • - Wait for your application to be reviewed. Check on it regularly, as we may ask for more information
  • - If invited, attend your interview
  • - Wait for your application to be reviewed
  • - If accepted, contact a Supervisory Officer for your training.
  • - If denied, apply again in the future (At least a month)

CLPD Recruits

CLPD Officers will start off as a basic trained Officer with access to everything that they need to work. Once they become a Recruit after around 1 week they will be subject to an evaluation. Once they are evaluated they are promoted to full Officer and will gain access to extra training to enhance and improve their abilities.

Command Staff

CLPD Command Staff is made up of currently 2 CLPD Commanders: Killaway, Akavegas.
They are responsible for running the entire CLPD, the position of Commander is permanent until voted out or removed by the Malden government.
Commanders may wear any uniform appropriate to their situation

CLPD Commander  



Patrol is the base role of the CLPD. Every member of the CLPD is part of Patrol and is expected to undertake the duties of being a Patrol Officer.


Patrol Officer  
Patrol Recruit


Patrol Officer

Patrol Officer  

Alternative Patrol Officer

Patrol Officer Alt  

Patrol Sergeant

Patrol ASU  
ASU Officer

Police Biker  

Traffic Biker



The ETU is the Elite Tactical Unit. It is responsible for handling all dangerous incidents. They are responsible for major armed response, taking lead on bank robberies, search warrants & other hostile situations.

ETU Officer Solo  
ETU Patrol Uniform

ETU Officer Armed Response  
ETU Armed Response Uniform
Note: Headgear is interchangeable between the beanie and cap in the Patrol Uniform. Operatives may choose to wear a balaclava when in the Armed Response Uniform.


Counter Narcotics

Counter-Narcotics handle all narcotic related criminality. This includes intelligence gathering, plantation raids and observing the drug dealer and illegal fishing locations.

CN Officer Solo  
Counter Narcotics Patrol Uniform

CN Officer Armed Response  

Counter Narcotics Response Uniform
Note: Headgear is interchangeable between the beanie & cap in the Patrol Uniform. Operatives may choose to wear a balaclava when in the Armed Response Uniform.

All Officers wear the CLPD tactical belt:

Tact Belt PD  

Please note: Officers may wear balaclavas of different types, depending on operational circumstances.

Roles and Responsibilities

All ranks inherit from the previous rank, in accordance with the CLPD CoC unless otherwise stated

Recruit & Officer -
The duty of a CLPD Officer is to maintain law and order - in accordance with CL Lawbook and Police Standard Operating Instructions. They are accountable to their division staff.

Required to undertake basic activities, such as: responding to emergencies, 911 calls, patrolling, completing traffic stops, warrant checks, process prisoners/suspects and other policing duties.

In the case of grievance, Officers should contact division staff in the first instance.

Completion of documentation - warrants/crime/jail reports, as required, in order to maintain an up to date criminal record of any citizen who breaks the law.

Expected to gather evidence, using a still camera (Screenshots) and a state of the art video camera (Video). This should be available to upload, unedited, if required as part of an investigation or by a higher ranking Officer.

Snr. Officer -
Lowest rank Supervisor in the CLP

Expected to undertake the duties of Training

Remaining vigilant and reporting issues on the Supervisor forum as appropriate

Commenting, as required, on Officers’ performance

Complete interviews and vote on applicants for the position of Recruit

Directing Officer on the right course of action, in the event of grievance against them or another Officer

Sergeant -
Attend incidents as a Supervisor; taking control of a scene if necessary

Conducting shift management, ensuring the map has even coverage and duties are being performed effectively

Assist Officers with more difficult investigations, ensuring all SOPs are met

Reviewing warrants/crime and jail reports ensuring they are correct

Negotiate jail sentences

Lieutenant -
Reviewing CLPD Complaints & Compliments; referring them as necessary to a Captain

Assist in the creation of SOP/policy under the direction of the relevant authority

Put Officers forward for promotion

Captain -
Assist in the creation of SOP/policy and official City Life laws alongside Commanders

Void warrants

Commander -
Leaders of the CLPD

Have final say, on any and all issues

Report to the Super Administration team

Do everything!


Police Vehicles


All prices are subject to tax fluctuation
The following vehicles can be bought at the Police Vehicle Shop:

Cl3MOD Quadbike White ATV$4,699Vehicle
Patrolcharger Marked Dodge Charger$35,450Vehicle
Blackcharger Unmarked Dodge Charger$45,450Vehicle
PD Jail Bus Jail Bus$30,699Vehicle
PD Transit Marked Transit Van$14,699Vehicle
PD Ifrit Ifrit$165,450Vehicle
PD Mondeo Marked Mondeo$23,699Vehicle
PD Escalade Marked Marked Cadillac Escalade$90,450Vehicle
PD Escalade Unmarked Unmarked Cadillac Escalade$90,450Vehicle
PD Q7 Marked Audi Q7$50,450Vehicle
PD Lambo Marked Police Lamborghini$? 
PD XR1000 XR-1000$12,000Vehicle
EnduroBike Enduro$ 8,000Vehicle
Cl3 Patrol Mh9 MH-9$350,000Air
PD MH9 Sport MH-9 Sport$350,000Air
PD Orca Orca$??Air
PD Hellcat Hellcat$??Air

Cl3MOD Quadbike White Storage Container Large$825,000Vehicle
Cl3MOD Quadbike White Storage Container Medium$385,000Vehicle
Cl3MOD Quadbike White F150 Repo CLPD$5,250Vehicle
Cl3MOD Quadbike White QuadBike$5,200Vehicle
Cl3MOD Quadbike White Jail Bus$33,800Vehicle
Cl3MOD Quadbike White Patrol Transit Van$16,200Vehicle
Cl3MOD Quadbike White Sheriff Tahoe $71,500Vehicle
Cl3MOD Quadbike White Prowler $275,000Vehicle
Cl3MOD Quadbike White CLPD Subaru $104,500Vehicle
Cl3MOD Quadbike White CLPD Hummer $104,500Vehicle
Cl3MOD Quadbike White Sheriff CVPL $40,000Vehicle
Cl3MOD Quadbike White CLPD F150 Raptor $127,000Vehicle
Cl3MOD Quadbike White CLPD Crown Victoria $40,000Vehicle
Cl3MOD Quadbike White CLPD Audi Q7 $55,500Vehicle
Cl3MOD Quadbike White CLPD XR $13,200Vehicle
Cl3MOD Quadbike White CLPD Lamborghini $770,000Vehicle
Cl3MOD Quadbike White CLPD Cadillac $100,000Vehicle
Cl3MOD Quadbike White CLPD GTR V $772,200Vehicle
Cl3MOD Quadbike White CLPD Charger $39,000Vehicle
Cl3MOD Quadbike White CLPD VAZ-2103$11,200Vehicle
Cl3MOD Quadbike White CLPD IFRIT $182,000Vehicle
Cl3MOD Quadbike White CLPD Audi S5 $57,300Vehicle
Cl3MOD Quadbike White CLPD B-206B $495,000Air
Cl3MOD Quadbike White CLPD Orca $550,000Air
Cl3MOD Quadbike White CLPD Hellcat $715,000Air
Cl3MOD Quadbike White CLPD Taru $1,045,000Air
Cl3MOD Quadbike White CLPD Taru Unit Transport $275,000Air
Cl3MOD Quadbike White CLPD MH-9 $385,000Air


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