Build System

Build areas

Players can only build within the designated zones, which are marked distinctively on the map with a red rectangle. These zones do not include the airport limits.
The zones have the following coordinates:

La Rivière042 035
Arette016 046
Northern Desert068 111
Golfe Vert082 058
Military Base Island113 043


Lami076 075
Georgetown049 097
Regina043 065
Regina055 076
Katkoula051 046


Materials needed

In order to start building, you will first need to put down a Builder Plot. Once placed, players will be able to build within 20 meters from the centre of the area. The centre is the first place where the Builder Plot was placed. The Builder Plot Plot may be relocated, but the bounds of the building zone will not change. The Builder Plot may also be packed. This will move its entire contents of materials to the player inventory and remove the building zone.
The Builder Plot can receive 5 types of materials, which will be used to build:


Players may add as many materials to the Builder Plot as they wish. The amount of each material currently in the Builder Plot is displayed on the Builder Plot's dashboard.

Accessing the Builder Plot

In order to access the Builder Plot the player needs to push the "Builder Action 1" button. By default, this button is Page Up. Then, to access to Builder Plot's menu, the player needs to look at the plot and, while holding down Shift, scroll the Mouse Wheel.

Transfering materials to the Builder Plot

In order to transfer materials to the Builder Plot, the player needs to have the materials on the person (Shift + 1 menu). Then, access the Builder Plot's menu and select Transfer materials to plot. The amounts on the dashboard of the plot should update shortly.

Placing structures

In order to place down structures the player needs to push the "Builder Action 1" button (Default: Page Up). This is also known as the Building Mode. In the menu that pops up, select the desired structure. The possibility of placing the structure is indicated by the number after the name of the structure. A 0 indicates that there are not enough materials in the Builder Plot, while a 1 indicates the opposite.
The structures may not exceed the bounds of the plot. Moreover, the area needs to be relatively flat with no obstructions. Some structures, such as the Foundation may be raised for up to two levels. In order to do that, while in the building mode, hold down Spacebar and look up.
Once the desired position is found, press and hold down the "Builder Action 1" button (Default: Page Up). A loading indicator will show up on the screen. Keep the button pressed until the loading is finished and a construction sound is heard. Release the key at any point to cancel the action.

Removing structures

In order to remove a structure, the player needs to, first, be within the bounds of the Builder Plot. Then, while looking at the structure that needs to be removed, hold down Shift, scroll the Mouse Wheel and select Delete structure.

Default keyboard bindings

The default keyboard bindings can be found in the Arma III configuration in: Configure -> Controls -> Configure Addons -> cl3builder.

Page UpAccess Builder Plot, Place structure
Page DownToggle build area visibility (while in building mode)
DeleteClose building mode (while in building mode)

Car storage and Save Point

Construction may be used as both Car Storage and Save point. These features can be used by placing a Garage door, for the car storage, and a phone, for the save point. The car storage can be accessed by looking at the garage door while holding down Shift, scrolling the mouse wheel and selecting Car Storage. The Save point can be accessed by simply looking at the phone and scrolling the mouse wheel.


Builder Objects

Builder Walls

Doorway Type1 Solid Icon Ca
Rail Type1 Solid Icon Ca
Rail Type2 Solid Icon Ca
Rail Type3 Solid Icon Ca
Rail Type4 Solid Icon Ca
Wall Type2 Solid Icon Ca
Wall Type3 Solid Icon Ca
Wall Type4 Solid Icon Ca
Wall Type5 Solid Icon Ca
Wall Type6 Solid Icon Ca


Builder Doors

Door Jail Solid Icon Ca
Door Padded Icon Ca
Door Solid Icon Ca


Builder Floor

Floorwalk Solid Icon Ca
Floor OverHang Solid Icon Ca
Floor Solid Icon Ca
Jacuzzi Solid Icon Ca
Shower Solid Icon Ca


Builder Foundation

Foundation Solid Icon Ca


Builder Garages

Garage Solid Icon Ca
Garage Type2 Solid Icon Ca


Builder Ladders

Ladder Solid Icon Ca


Builder Lamps

Lamp01 Solid Icon Ca
Lamp02 Solid Icon Ca
Lamp03 Solid Icon Ca
Lamp04 Solid Icon Ca
Lamp05 Solid Icon Ca


Builder Objects

Cashier01 Solid Icon Ca
Chest Box Solid Icon Ca
Chest Solid Icon Ca
Desktop Computer Solid Icon Ca
Flyhigh01 Solid Icon Ca
Foyer Chair01 Solid Icon Ca
Kitchen Solid Icon Ca
Mcwinters Chair01 Solid Icon Ca
Mcwinters Chair201 Solid Icon Ca
Mcwinters Chair301 Solid Icon Ca
Policehq Chair01 Solid Icon Ca
Sofa Solid Icon Ca
Stool01 Solid Icon Ca
TableBench Solid Icon Ca
Table Phone Solid Icon Ca
Table Solid Icon Ca
Toilet Solid Icon Ca
TV 01 Solid Icon Ca
Workbench Icon Ca
BBed Solid Icon Ca
Bed Solid Icon Ca
Bench01 Solid Icon Ca


Builder Ramps

Ramp Type1 Solid Icon Ca
Ramp Type2 Solid Icon Ca
Ramp Floor Solid Icon Ca


Builder Roofs

Roof TopType1 Solid Icon Ca
Roof TopType2 Solid Icon Ca
Roof TopType3 Solid Icon Ca
Roof TopType4 Solid Icon Ca
Roof TopType5 Solid Icon Ca
Roof TopType6 Solid Icon Ca
Roof Type1 Solid Icon Ca
Roof Type2 Solid Icon Ca
Roof Type3 Solid Icon Ca
Roof Type4 Solid Icon Ca
Roof Type5 Solid Icon Ca
Roof Type6 Solid Icon Ca
Roof Type7 Solid Icon Ca


Builder Steps

Steps Type1 Solid Icon Ca


Builder Windows

Window Flap Solid Icon Ca
Window Sash Solid Icon Ca
Window Shutter Solid Icon Ca
Window Solid Icon Ca
Window Type1 Solid Icon Ca


Builder Skins

StoneFloor004 Co
Very Panels 12
WallStone003 Co
WallStone004 Co
Woodpanel Aged Facade 12
Glass1 Ca
Glass2 Ca
Glass3 Ca
Glass4 Ca
Glass5 Ca
Glass6 Ca
Light Wood Hoz
Light Wood Vert
MetalRusted006 Co
Pavement005 Co
Sexy Skin 1
Cl Web
Concrete007 Co
Concrete Grey 3
Concrete Grey 4
Concrete Grey 5
Concrete Grey 6
Concrete Grey 7
Concrete Light Grey
Concrete Light Grey 2
Concrete Light Grey Rust
Concrete Rust
Concrete Tiles
Corrugated Co
FlooringStone001 Co


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