Black Market Items


The prices listed here might not be the ones you see in-game as they depend on the tax rate set by the Senator.


DanC4 C4$100.00010KG.
Cl Cablehandcuffs Icon Cable Handcuffs$901KG.
DanCaltrops Caltrops$2001.7KG.
Placeholder Diamonds$100,00012KG.
DanFuelCan Fuel Can$6025KG.
Placeholder Gold$30,00030KG.
Placeholder Headbag$9010KG.
DanShark Large Shark meat$34020KG.
DanLockPick Lock Pick$10,5001KG.
DanRifleBag Rifle Bag$1502KG.
DanShackle Shackles$10010KG.
DanShark Small Shark meat$24017KG.
DanSmokeSplif Smoke Splif$102KG.
DanTurtleMeat Turtle Meat$4109KG.
DanVehicleJack Vehicle Jack$3.4005KG.
DanWatch Watch$251KG.

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