Bank Robbing

Robbing The Bank

So earning money sometimes can be slow, some of the braver civilians can try their hand at robbing City Life's big main bank! Now unlike CL2 robbing, the bank requires some equipment to be purchased/crafted.
There are are a few options how some certain doors/safes are opened, some take more time than others and some make more noise but what to use will be your choice

Procedure to rob the bank:

2 External power boxes (One in roof and one in ground level) with 3 switches with 4 outcomes at random.

Ground floor:

Trigger Alarm or un-lock staff only lobby door or switch off the motion detectors or taser yourself or set off the alarm.
Roof box: Trigger Alarm or Switch off roof hatch alarm or switch off the motion detectors or taser yourself and set off the alarm Keycard to open the vault room door is found in the manager's office safe.

Needed to enter managers office:

Lock pick

Needed to enter managers safe:



Keycard for vault room


Needed to open the back of the ATM:
Angel grinder or C4 (fast but loud way).


Random cash

Vault Key

Vault Key card is needed to enter the vault room. Thermal drill 1 or 2 is needed to open the main vault door, though Thermal drill 2 is much faster than
1. An angle grinder is needed to enter the inner vault. Hand drill (Which have a chance to brake so bring extra) is needed to open the safety deposit boxes.
What is inside safety deposit boxes is random.

Items created in the factor

NameImageUsageParts Needed to Build
Hand Drill 
DanDrill Deposit boxesSteel x 1
Rubber x 1
Metal Strips x 1
Plastic x 1
Silicon x 1

Blueprint x 1
Angle grinder 
DanAngleGrinder ATMSteel x 1
Rubber x 1
Metal Strips x 1
Plastic x 1
Silicon x 1
Cement x 1
Granite x 1

Blueprint x 1
Code cracker 
Cl3 Codebreaker Ca Vault corridor door 
BankC4 Ca Managers Safe and ATM 
Thermal drill 1 
Cl3 Drillrig Ca Vault door 
Thermal drill 2 
Cl3 DrillRig21 Ca Vault door 
Cl3 Spanner Ca Not implemented 
Screwdriver 1 
Cl3 Screwdriver V1 Ca Not implemented 
Screwdriver 2 
Cl3 Screwdriver V2 Ca Not implemented 
Multi meter 
Cl3 Multimeter Ca Not implemented 
Bank Manager ID 
Cl3 Bankid Ca Vault corridor door

Stages to assemble Thermal drill 2

Five Stages
Thermal drill 2

StageMountingPartParts Needed to Build
Cl3 DrillRig21  RiggingMetal Strips x 10
Steel x 100
Rubber x 10
Cl3 DrillRig22 MotorMetal Strips x 30
Steel x 20
Rubber x 30
Blueprint x 1
Plastic x 500

Silicon x 50
Cl3 DrillRig23 Drill turboMetal Strips x 20
Steel x 5
Plastic x 250

Blueprint x 1
Cl3 DrillRig24 Drill bitIron x 100
Coal x 100
Cl3 DrillRig25 Pulleys and drivePlastic x 100
Rubber x 20

Items collected at the bank

Random placement when the bank resets

Safety deposit boxes (306 boxes)

MoneyRandom payout ($10,000 - $1,200,000)
IOUNo action
Empty BoxNo action
WeedRandom payout (1 - 35)
CocaineRandom payout (1 - 35)
GoldRandom payout (1 - 35)
Large medical kitRandom payout (1 - 11)
Small medical kitRandom payout (1 - 11)
CL turdRandom payout (3 - 300)

For some doors in the bank, you will require the manager's ID card which he keeps in the safe in his desk in his office in the bank.
How To Reset
The bank can only be reset by the CLPD via a button in the vault room.

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