Bail System

 Subject gets arrested and goes through the arrest procedure then the following happens

You can plead not guilty---- time and fine
You can plead guilty---- time and fine
You can post bail and have case heard in court…. Pay double the fine for a not guilty plea and is placed on Tag time equal to a not guilty plea.

If no fine is associated with their crimes, then they get released on a $5000 bail.
Officer sends a request to the judiciary for a criminal court hearing and for a court date to have the case heard in court by a judge
Conditions of being on active Bail: officers must advise the subject of these conditions
May not be found to be involved in committing any crime that carries the penalty of jail time, or fines exceeding $1000 per offence
Subjects released on bail may not be found associating with individuals with open warrants for arrest.
Conditions that need to be met to be placed on bail
Subjects are not to own, carry any firearms in any way shape or form.

Total Jail time cannot exceed 3 hours 59 mins. 
Conditions under which subjects are not eligible for Bail
Subject committed a crime on the below list and/or have 4 hours or more jail time. 
Subject has breached Bail in the last 7 days

Mitigating Crimes

Accessory attempted murder
Accessory murder
Armed Robbery
Arms Trafficking
Attempted murder
Bank robbery
Bank atm robbery
Bank vault robbery
Hostage taking
Manslaughter: Voluntary
Vehicular manslaughter

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